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Why awesome PR person!

You must be awesome…you are here! Thank you for checking out NellieBellie! We’re so excited you are here…truly!

Here at NellieBellie you won’t find generic, personality-free reviews and posts (okay, that’s a lie…we’ve done a few. I was threatened with my life if I didn’t. okay, that’s a lie too…but not too far off!). We would love to work with you but only if it is relevant to NellieBellie and the purpose of this blog. If that’s the case, then by all means…let’s talk! If we find your product/service to be something we would love to gab about to our readers, or use for ourselves, then we will be the best of friends!

Unless you are a Minnesota event, restaurant, or something similar, it is unlikely we will write content in exchange for product alone.  Not impossible, but unlikely.  You’ve been warned.

Still like us and want to be our PR friend? Contact us… bloggerhandywoman (at) gmail (dot) com!

P.S. It’s customary to list all the awesome products and companies a site has worked with. We could do that but it would just take too darn long. The list is way too long and vast and large and awesome. Yes, that’s exaggerating. But, truly…we have worked with many wonderful companies and would love to give you the list should you desire it. And if we feel you are deemed worthy.  If you HAVE to have a list…here’s the start of one.  


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2 thoughts on “PR Welcome”

  1. I came to your website from Flickr from an ad on name tag cork placesettings. In coming to your site, I haven’t found them after 45 minutes of looking for them. While your website is colorful, full of pictures, and interesting, it’s ultimately confusing. Way too many pictures with no direction or links. All I want to do is BUY the corkscrew placesettings. Couldn’t find a way to do it. Not good.

    1. Sorry, Debbie…but we don’t have cork placesettings at all. Not sure exactly why you were directed here, but we’re really sorry that you had so much of your time wasted! We don’t sell anything on this site other than our one book…weird.

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