Tissue Paper Chef Hat

How to make a chefs hat from tissue paper. An easy, inexpensive craft that is a great idea for kid's!Let’s keep this short and sweet, like me :). Last friday I gave you my homemade pasta recipe, tips and tricks for making homemade pasta, and pictures of making pasta with Levi. I told you how learning to make food from scratch is so important for kids to have a healthy relationship with food. Getting kids involved in the kitchen is something I’m gung-ho about. All gung and ho!!

This little project is a fun, inexpensive, and quick addition to the idea of getting kids in the kitchen having fun. This chef hat uses only tissue paper, copy paper (or posterboard), and tape. Kid’s can make them all by themselves or you can easily have a couple made up in advance. Whatever the case … get the kids in the kitchen making and creating with you!

I provided instructions below but find that a video is far more helpful…


YouTube video

  1. Cut a strip of card stock to the circumference of your child’s head.
    Use a string to measure around your child’s head and cut a strip of card stock to that same length. It may be necessary to tape or staple two strips together to get enough length.
  2. Begin taping the tissue paper to the card stock, pleating a bit as you go.
    For most small children, 1 piece of tissue paper is enough.
  3. Close the band of card stock with tape or staples (your tissue paper won’t be all around yet.
  4. Gently tuck the tissue paper into the opposite inside side of the band of card stock.
    Only cover the same amount of the band as the other side, there will still be open spots…that will be fixed later.
  5. Repeat taping and pleating, just as the previous side.
  6. Pull the sides of the tissue paper into the open sides of the card stock, tape and pleat as before.
    Now all of the band should have tissue paper.
  7. Gently push out the tissue paper and wear!

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3 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Chef Hat”

  1. I’m so happy to hear that!! And, if you made a chef hat you ARE good at crafts :).

  2. Thank you very much for your nice tutorial,i am not good at crafts but i did a nice chef hat for my student :)

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