Organizer from recycled jeans


This jean organizer has been making it's rounds again as a popular pin on Pinterest and a featured craft on many websites. So, I wanted to be sure to share it with readers that may not be familiar with it. It's an old post, as you will see from the photos, but is a fun organizing idea featuring recycled materials!

How to make a bill organizer out of old jeans!

How to make a bill organizer out of old jeans!

So, here’s what you need:

Old pair of utility jeans (cause they have GIANT pockets)
Hot glue.
Board, shelf, etc (to attach the jeans to)


What do you say about jeans? Yep, them are jeans…alright!


Cut out  your butt pockets, your little side pocket thing, and your waist band.


You’ll need a board or piece of wood the length and height you are wanting your organizer to be.  I used an old shelf I had. I covered it with the jean material I had leftover from cutting apart the jeans.



Trim around your pockets and waistband so it’s nice and neat. And then use hotglue to glue everything down to your board that you covered in jean material.


This is the general idea you want to end up with. Your pockets hold outgoing and incoming mail. Your little utility pocket holds pens and etc. And your waistband is perfect for rings and hooks.


I used upholstery tacks to tack everything down, this guarantees that it will be secure and hold. And…it looks cool!


How to make a bill organizer out of old jeans!

Then, you can take out some sharpies and doodle all over your jeans!! It’s okay…I said so!

I think this a great way to recycle your old jeans…wouldn’t you say? Well, of course you would!



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