Cutting Board

One really good cutting board that is a convenient size and easy to wash is all your kitchen needs. But because you’ll use it for everything from cutting citrus to cutting meat you need to choose your cutting board wisely.

Look for a cutting board that won’t harm your knife, is non-porous so it won’t trap nasty germs, reversible (you’ll find that hand when you chop smelly veggies like onions and then want to chop herbs), non-slip, and dishwasher-friendly (a MUST when cutting meat).

I prefer keeping a small cutting board on my counter for cutting citrus for cocktails or tomato for sandwiches and then pulling out my larger cutting board for meal prep.

I recommend the Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting board in the 14 by 11 size for your meal prep cutting board and the 8 by 6 size for your counter.

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