Iced Coffee Cocktail gift set

Oh. My. gosh. Iced Coffee Cocktails may be the next best thing to regular coffee. And that’s saying a lot cause this girl likes her coffee. Any which way I can get it in the morning I’ll take it. Not anymore.

No Sirreeeeeeeee.

Iced coffee cocktail gift set is easy to make and a great gift idea from your kitchen. Perfect for the tea and coffee lovers.

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I want my coffee iced with cocktail in the name of the recipe, please. And if you want to gift me an iced coffee cocktail gift set for Christmas I’m showing you how. I’ve learned that it’s best to pick out your own gift. So, I’m picking out, showing you how, even testing out the gift I want. Just to be sure it’s EXACTLY what I want.

It is.

Bonus, these are easy to make up en mass, the ingredients are easy to get your hands on, it’s ridiculously adorable, and tastes AMAZING! This is a gift that makes your life easier, lovelier, and more fun.

Iced coffee cocktails are great to prepare in jars for gifting. A great homemade gift from your kitchen for the coffee lover!

To Make:

  1. Put dry drink mix into your mason jar. (I have the recipe I used for the Tastefully Simple mixes I used below)
  2. Attach a tag with the instructions to make up your recipe.
  3. Add a small bottle of the appropriate alcohol.
  4. Attach a fun straw, spoon, etc.


It really is that simple. And, although I recommend using Tastefully Simple’s mixes (because I have the recipe ready to go for you… no figuring. AND because they really taste amazing!) you can use whatever dry mix is your favorite. Adjust the recipe and jar size to accommodate your bottle of alcohol.

Gift set of iced coffee cocktails is easy to make and great to gift! So cute and adorable.
Iced Coffee Cocktail Jar Recipe

Note: 1 container of mix makes about 5 jars to gift.

  • 2 tablespoons dry mix (goes into the jar)
  • 1 2oz bottle of vodka or rum per jar.

For Tag:
Mix 1/2 cup of milk with the mix and alcohol in the jar. Mix well. Freeze overnight. In the morning pour 1 cup of coffee into the jar and place in the fridge for a couple hours. Enjoy!

Attach vodka, tag, straw, etc on to the jar with string,  twine, or ribbon.

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