Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

I am beyond thrilled to partner up with the Animal Humane Society on this homemade dog treats recipe. To say that we love dogs in our house is an understatement. So many of you can relate, I’m sure, to our dogs being family members. We love them and are thrilled that we can help out the Animal Humane Society (where ours were adopted from) and help other animals get loving homes.

Animal love is just something special, isn’t it. There isn’t anything quite like snuggling your dog when you are feeling a bit down. Or coming home to a wagging tail super excited to see you.

Dogs are the best. They deserve yummy treats. Like these homemade dog treats made with calming ingredients for that extra anxious dog.

Our dogs go crazy for these treats. Cr-a-zy.

We keep a small amount of these in the freezer and take them straight from the freezer when we want to reward the dogs. They go nuts.

I love that they are so easy to make, nutritional, have lavender and chamomile to help calm our reactive dog, and can be stored in the freezer without any problems. And, of course, that they are a favorite of our dogs.

Can you use regular flour for dog treats?

Yes, in small amounts of flour is fine for most dogs. However, I like to use whole wheat flour in these treats for the extra nutritional value for our dogs.

These are as simple as mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough out, cutting the shapes, frosting (if you choose), and baking. DONE.

Is there a great Pumpkin Oatmeal Dog treat recipe?

For sure! My friends at the Animal Humane Society have a great one! Check it out!

How do you make peanut butter dog treats with oatmeal the right size for your pups?

Most of the year, I prefer to make them in small rounds that are a great size for rewards for or mid-sized pups. Around Christmas, however, I pull out the bone shaped cookie-cutter and frosting and make a batch of Christmas-themed treats. These are usually broken in half and they only each receive a half of a bone. You can also roll out the sheet, grab a pizza cutter, and cut simple squares out of the dough. Do what works best for you and the size of your dog.

These are great for your own pups and for gifting to neighbors with pups.

Is there a dog-friendly icing?

This “frosting” is a simple egg yolk and water mixture that is brushed on to the treats BEFORE they are baked. Sooo easy! Dog-friendly and easy!

Homemade Dog Treats

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Find the full recipe and instructions at the Animal Humane Society
Check out our Kitchen Reference Guide for help with unfamiliar terms.

For the full recipe and instructions visit my friends at Animal Humane Society. 

If you are local to Minneapolis, MN, remember to keep them in mind for volunteering, donations, and, of course, your next furry family member!

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4 thoughts on “Homemade Dog Treats Recipe”

  1. Dogs are like family members, aren’t they. The best kind :). I’m sorry about your sweet pup and the next pup you get will be a lucky dog!

  2. My doggie took his last ride to the vet last year this time. I look at the dogs needing homes on the Humane Society web site and when the time is right one will find a new home with us.

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