Cinnamon Rolls in Oranges

 Make cinnamon rolls in an orange!! What a fun and fast treat!

Oh, you know…just a normal Tuesday night making cinnamon rolls. In oranges!!! The Bellie claims to have known all along that you can make cinnamon rolls in oranges for years. Either she is lying cause she wants to be right ALL THE TIME! Or, she’s a horrible sister to not share such great knowledge. Either way…no coffee for her today. No sirree.

So, perhaps you are like me and don’t know the wonder that is the orange and cinnamon roll marriage. Let’s learn how this works. Cause it will rock your boring Tuesday’s world!

cinnamon rollscinnamon rolls step 1cinnamon rolls step2cinnamon rolls step3

“orange” cinnamon rolls:

  1. Empty an orange. Either by spoon or mouth. Just get those empty!
  2. Insert a dough roll from the Pillsbury refrigerated roll. (No, they didn’t pay us.  We just actually think they’re the best brand…)
  3. Bake as directed.
  4. Top with the cream cheese frosting provided in the can.

So, if ever you find yourself on a Tuesday night with a bag of oranges and a container of cinnamon rolls…you know what to do. Marry those guys!

And, while we made these cinnamon rolls in the kitchen, The Bellie claims to have inside knowledge that they work on the grill and over the fire.  I’m not saying I completely believe her…but it would be worth trying these out on your next camping trip.  Just in case they do work.  How awesome would that be?

And, I’m thinking of taking applications for a new sister. Anyone want to apply? She would need to be perfect. And make great coffee. Which, of course, is similar to being perfect!

If you like these cinnamon rolls, you might want to try some of our other recipes using refrigerator rolls.  Our berry monkey bread and Ranch pull-apart bread come to mind as some very good options.  We also have a bunch in the Lazy Baker gallery that use frozen bread.  Those are yummy, too.


  1. says

    Not sure how old you are, I’m early 30s but I could be a sister. I have a ton of potential nieces and nephews if you’re in the market for them too (I have five children). About the recipe, does the orange transfer any flavor to the cinnamon roll? I love the orange flavor of the canned version, but I usually make them from scratch. Using an orange would help keep them similar in size too.

    • says

      Holly, thanks for stopping by! Nellie’s ten years older than me, and I’m in my mid twenties…So you’re right between us! The orange does transfer some flavor, but not a ton.

  2. Debby James says

    Why not use the orange flavored Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the oranges? Would it be “too much” orange flavor? Just curious before I try because I love the orange icing on the orange ones. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Okay — I’ll apply but I’m afraid I’m old enough to be your mom and I don’t think you need another mother — but I can be very immature so it might work. The only problem is I won’t move but I could be your internet sister but then the other problem is that you wouldn’t have any help with the blog. And I really think as far as having any technical knowledge I’d be pretty useless. But I’m a great cheerleader and listener so if you need someone to gripe to I’ll listen. All in all I can adopt both of you and be the mediator :-) I love the orange and cinnamon rolls. I bet the aroma was scrumptious. It would go great with a deep roast coffee. Yummy!!

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