Somewhere along the way, we forgot that meals have a simple job…feeding our bellies. I began the NellieBellie Recipe Challenge several years ago as a way to help us get back in touch with the joy of creating meals for our families, learning new kitchen skills, and trying new things with a community of new friends.

I LOVE seeing your creations and engaging with the community. Keep reading to hear what this month's theme is, how to enter, and what you might win! Let's have fun!

What is the NellieBellie Recipe Challenge?

I believe that good food = good conversation = world peace. NellieBellie is on a mission to provide inspiration and education to get more people around their dining room tables on the way to world peace. ♡ This challenge is used to inspire us to try new recipes, educate us on new skills and techniques, & encourage conversation and community in the kitchen. BONUS! You can win fun prizes just from join in. And the Facebook community brings tons of value and joy to our daily lives.

Keep going to learn more about how to enter & rules you need to know. Let's get you in the kitchen!

April 2021 Theme ---- Breakfast----

This month we are challenging ourselves to fall back in love with the most important meal of the day... breakfast. From eggs to pancakes, homemade granola to homemade cinnamon rolls, bacon jam & homemade bread, or even cinnamon roll dough toasted in a waffle maker, explore it, try it, and have fun!

How to Enter, Prizes, & Bonus Entries:

Be sure to sign-up for emails and the FB group for the best experience and communications!

  • 1. Step One. Try a new breakfast recipe sometime in April. Be sure to snap a picture of it! Note: Try to challenge yourself to try something new!.

  • 2. Step Two. Share it somewhere online (be sure to use a public profile so we can see it!) and use the hashtag #NBRecipeChallenge and/or tag @miznelliebellie and mention the recipe challenge so we know you did. Only one entry per person (see below for a possible bonus entry). Entries won't be accepted after 11:59pm (CST), April 30th.

  • 3. BONUS ENTRY: Try a recipe FROM THIS SITE for an extra entry. Heck, go leave a review on the recipe! To get the bonus entry, when you share (step 1), mention which recipe from NellieBellie that you tried.


  • April 1st: The Recipe Challenge can submit anytime!
  • April 30th: The Recipe Challenge closes for sure to share your dish before that date!
  • May 1st: The Recipe Challenge winner will be announced ON MAY'S THEME ANNOUNCEMENT PAGE.
  • All of April: surprise games, prizes, and more in the Facebook Group.

April's Recipe Challenge Prize:

When you make a new to you breakfast recipe and share it on a public profile using #NBRecipechallenge you are automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Reminder, the challenge ends on April 30th at 11:59pm (CST). The winner will be chosen at random and announced on May 1st in the May Theme Recipe Challenge Post (be sure to watch for that!).

Any questions or concerns about the Recipe Challenge email and I'll be happy to help! I hope to see you join us this month!

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