DIY hair tool organizer

This is the 2nd project that is for the Master Bedroom redo I have been working on for months…and months. It won’t be the last.
Go HERE to see the 1st project. Today is the DIY hair tool organizer tutorial.Hair tool organizer...easy to make with this great tutorial!

The Hair Tools Organizer.
I was sick of the hair tools being thrown in a big mess in a basket.
And of forgetting them on and worrying about burning the house down.
And having to unplug one, then plug in the next one.
Now, first can I just say to certain somepeople
that are going to say something about the number of
hair tools I have (finger wagging).
I don’t use them often.
But, I do go out and about sometimes and want to rock it.
A girl has to have the tools to use. Right!

Okay, enough with the talking…


Start out with a board.
Whatever you have on hand.
Be sure to measure where you are going to put it.
That it fits. And you have room for handles to stick out.
And then kind of eyeball your tools on it to be sure it will work.


You need a package of these…aluminum step flashing.
I live in the boonies and found these at my local hardware store.
They can’t be too hard to find.
And it was I think $4.00 or something?


Now see how my board is a nice size for that flashing.
Maybe you are scared because they don’t fit as nicely on your board.
Cool down…they cut quite easily with your basic heavy duty scissors.
I just used upholstery tacks to tack them in.
It works…really.


I have no idea what they call those things.
I found them at the hardware store and knew they would be perfect.
My guess is they hold pipes somehow.
They come in various sizes.
I got 2 small ones for my small curling iron and straightener.
And 2 large ones for my large curling iron and blow dryer.
These need to be screwed in with nice sturdy screws.
And it is easy to go thru that metal…no fear.


Keep going up your board until you have this!
I covered the bare wood with Duct Tape to make it pretty!


After screwing in the holder check the placement of your tool before moving on to the next to be sure you have enough space between.

The upholstery tacks scratch the metal easily so be careful.

I have a surge protector just under the vanity this is over to have them all plugged into at once.
I can just turn it on and leave it in the holder.
That metal works great at keeping the heat from burning down my house!

Update: This is an old post on NellieBellie but this project is one of my favorites. I still use this organizer daily. It works great!


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