Simple steps to make a mini bow and arrow

mini bow and arrow

This mini bow and arrow tutorial is adorable! I adore it. This is one I had done last year. I'm improving the post and pictures and bringing it back. Because, it's just too cool! The list of necessary supplies: popsicle sticks fishing line (you can use floss, too) q-tips. Tools you need: craft knife or other sharp knife bowl of water Okay. Here we go... You need to soak the popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour...or … [Read more...]

Santa hat brownies.

NellieBellie: santa hat brownie

So, sometimes I have brilliant kids. Sometimes their stupidity astonishes me. If you have kids, grandkids, or have seen kids in the store... you understand. I recently had each of those moments. at the same time. My 9 year old desperately wanted a Kindle Fire. He seemed to be of the impression that if he had his own tablet he would be allowed to play games on it as often as he wanted. that I wouldn't enforce screen time. silly child. but, … [Read more...]

Homemade Hazelnut Meringue cookies.


Have you ever made meringue cookies? I hope so. It is really much easier then it sounds. And they are cute and fancy looking. I made Hazelnut Meringue cookies. And am going to show you how easy peasy. 4 egg whites in a bowl. add 1/2 tsp vanilla (I used Hazelnut. But for the traditional meringue use vanilla) and 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar Use your blender and whip that all up. For about a minute or … [Read more...]

gilded animal bookends.


♪♪♪ I like pretty things and I cannot lie ♪♪♪   These are pretty. I heart them. a lot. These Quick & Easy gilded animal bookends make my heart beat a little faster and my smile a bit bigger. This turns everything you touch into gold. literally. It’s brilliant. Supplies: Martha Stewart Gilding 4 blocks of wood (the size you want for your bookends) 2 dollar store animals (make sure they look cool on … [Read more...]

Keep Calm and Cook On apron


This Keep Calm and Cook On apron is just plain fun. And a simple DIY. It would make a great gift for the cook in your family! This cute apron is for Katie. My baker. She already knows she’s getting it. It’s all good. The tutorial for this cute apron: You need a red apron. You can use a different color if you like. But, traditionally the Keep Calm stuff is red. So, I used red.   You’ll need: Stencils, Fabric Paint, a squeegee (not … [Read more...]

chocolate Pot de creme.

Chocolate Pot De Creme from

Chocolate Pot de creme: We should probably have a really long explanation of what this is, and why it's great, and all that.  And we did think about doing that.  Really, we did. But the truth is...we don't think it's needed.  Just look at the picture.  Look at that!  And read the title.  Are you still questioning the deliciousness?  Fine.  Here's are reasons for having this: It’s chocolate. of the best … [Read more...]

a tale of Thanks.


I was sitting and planning out my week of posts. I looked at the calendar and realized that Thanksgiving was on the week. And thought and thought. What to post that day? Should I post? Should I take that opportunity to take the day off…with good reason. No. I decided that I would post. But, I would post a little bit of  a different something something. A bit of my heart. A bit of my life. A bit of my experience. of Thanks. Once upon a time … [Read more...]

World Market is my gift go-to!


My World Market Christmas wish list: NellieBellie's World Market wish list by miznelliebellie on Polyvore Faux Antelope Throw | World Market / Black Campaign Chair-Black Campaign Chair | World Market / Red Large Rectangular Alpine Baker-Red Large Rectangular Alpine Baker... / Moose Hooks, Set of 2-Moose Hooks, Set of 2 | World Market     My Christmas list for my siblings... world market … [Read more...]

Simple steps to make a tooth pillow (no-sew)


Levi has been asking for a tooth pillow for years. I don’t understand why. And, I wouldn’t spend money on a tooth pillow. A tooth pillow?? Really? But, I could certainly make one!! And you can too. Yay you! You need a large piece of white felt. This is easy to find at a craft store. This cost me less then $4.00. A $4.00 tooth pillow. Somehow, I still feel slightly tricked. I’m paying for a tooth … [Read more...]

The giantest, bestest giveaway…ever!


So, there is this group of ladies I have the pleasure of knowing. They are the bestest, sweetest, most awesomest group of bloggers. On. the. planet. (yes, I made words must be done) And all of them and little ol me got together to throw a giant shinding. Of the giveaway variety. Because with all the stuff that YOU are going to have to do for the holidays. The hub bub, the shopping, the getting ,the cooking, the stuff. We wanted you to … [Read more...]

gift packaging with cyber monday sale! #cybermondaycrafts


I’m in full Christmas prep mode. Yes, I realize fully that there is another holiday coming up. And it will get proper attention. Don’t fret. I'm using to help me out! I'm determined to do as many homemade gifts as possible this  year. This means being prepared far ahead of time! One of the gifts that will be gifted often this year is… Can you say yum!! this stuff is just great! In order to make this gift worthy I have a … [Read more...]

important matters are afoot!


I’m supposed to be writing the Dr. Nellie post today. Instead I’m doing this… watching my kids decorate for Christmas. however they want to. without my “input”. In fact, I was given the task of threading the Fruit Loop garland. I had forgotten what a pain those are to do. Forever!! And I bet they don’t survive the night. That darn dog thought they were tasty. #eventhedoglovesfruitloops deer hunting in Wi is coming up. thus the orange hat. in … [Read more...]

DIY egg nog giftset

NellieBellie: DIY vintage eggnog giftset

A DIY Egg nog giftset? Everyone needs one, don’t you think?? Well, I do. So…I headed over to my thrift store and picked up some glasses (they actually don’t even match, but are close) and a flask. I used some paint and stencils from that fabulous stash of Martha Stewart Paints to make this look all vintage and dorky. Isn’t it great!     If you want to get a lovely vintagey, dorky Egg Nog giftset all your own (or to give as a gift) … [Read more...]

paper snowflakes


This is important. you must know. if you intend to join in the homemade Christmas here at NellieBellie you must know how to make paper snowflakes. it’s a necessity. here’s the play by play of how we do them. we are by no means experts. well, I’m not. but a kid is always an expert at cutting holes. (we are getting our cutting on!)   (our pile of snowflakes is beginning!!) (he cut the fold. shame on you Levi!) Here’s what you need to do. 1. … [Read more...]

Driftwood and ornament centerpiece


Isn’t this lovely and interesting! I was so excited to be part of a group of bloggers that were lucky enough to get to play with a pile of Martha Stewart Paints. This driftwood and ornament centerpiece was one of the projects I created. Isn’t it too cool!   I created  various designs with the fabulous brushes and white opaque glass paints  from the Martha Stewart Paints on clear ornaments. This is the one I call…stripe … [Read more...]