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Chocolate Chai Tea Latte

It's fall! Okay, maybe this is too soon. It is still hot as blazes, shorts and tanks are a necessity, and we are hesitant to pull out the Ginger Tea Recipe,most days. But, school has started and when that happens  it's time to start turning towards all

Vanilla Sugar is easy to make. Try it with coconut sugar for a healthier twist!

infused Coconut Sugar

I'm working out a recipe for Chocolate Chai that I'm almost ready to share with you all. As I was working with it I found a couple ways of adding vanilla to the mix, neither working great for my purposes. 1. Create a concentrate version of the

easy Pumpkin Chai donuts. (busy mom hack)

Let's talk homemade donuts for a second. Have you ever made them? I wanted to. They look so charming sitting all in a row in the beautiful photos on Pinterest with their glazed tops and crispy bottoms, but then I would look at the recipes and instructions

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