How to Marble a Cake

Although I love my Chocolate Chip Marble Bundt Cake, I think that if you know how to marble a cake you can easily used boxed mixes and make a gorgeous cake.

How to Marble a Cake – Video Tutorial:

How to Marble a Cake -Picture tutorial:

how to marble a cake

Drop your batter by the spoonful into your pan, alternating flavors. This cake is a thick batter, a different recipe might do more of an oozing kind of thing. That’s okay!

I recommend a chocolate and vanilla cake mix. In fact, drop some mini chocolate chips into the vanilla batter for extra fun! You’ll get 2 cakes out of them, about 36 cupcakes, or 3 9inch layers. 

You don’t need them to be anything fancy or careful…just dollup them in.

how to marble a cake

Take a knife and run it through your cake only going across one way and only making a few runs. Do NOT be tempted to do more swirls or your cake will get muddy and lose its marbling effect.

Nobody likes muddy cake that doesn’t look like a proper marbled cake.

how to marble a cake

Clean your knife off and go back again the other way. Remember, don’t be tempted to go overboard on this.

how to marble a cake

Remember, the batter I’m using is thick and will sort itself in the oven. Most cakes won’t have this same look.

Glorious, non-muddy marbled cake!

Think about doing this with a strawberry and vanilla flavor combo, pistachio and almond, or whatever you can dream up. So fun!

And of course, this technique works great with a boxed mix just as well as a homemade cake! In fact for our Princess Birthday Cake, we use boxed mixes and swirling to get the perfect Princess look.

chocolate chip marble cake

That is all there is to it!

I KNOW…now you can take boxed cake mixes and look like a cake mixing super star!

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