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Over the last many weeks I’ve been introducing you to #GirlBosses that have inspired and challenged me to be the best at everything I do. Today I want to introduce you to someone that is a #GirlBoss on her way to becoming a #GIRLBOSS of epic proportions. She is a firestorm of hard work, dedication, drive, passion, and courage that is an inspiration to me and, hopefully, to you!

This is my sister, Tessa, number 8 of the 10 of us kids (I’m the oldest)…

I could give you the life story of Tessa and include the hard parts that will make you sad, angry, and emotionally invested in her. But, she wouldn’t want me to do that. Because this girl takes serious PRIDE in working hard and getting out of the grit life throws at you. She wants to be known for her hard work and drive NOT for the yucky stuff. Instead, let’s talk about what Tessa would WANT you to know and understand about her…

Despite what other’s say “can’t”, “shouldn’t”, “won’t”, or any other STOP word can be thrown at her, be done in her life…she has proven them wrong. And is continuing to do so.

The road to her college degree (double major, even!), attendance of the Minneapolis Police Cadet Program, happy relationship, and status as a bad-ass Aunt hasn’t been easy. Or fun. Or cheap.

She’s had support, sure, but because she is fiercely independent she chose to struggle beyond what was necessary for her, alone, to struggle. In those moments, it frustrated me (and still does) to see her taking on the world, herself. Yet, I also recognize that she has a need to be a one-woman fight against injustice, born out of her childhood, and is an integral part of her identity. She knows her family is there, draws support from us, but is willing and wanting to fight her own demons and everyone else’s, if she can. She needs to know she can win…she needs the challenge to prove to herself she is strong.

Tessa is out to capture every bit of life she can. She has worked hard to bring herself to a place in life that is full of laughter, fun, family, and joy. And she appreciates every moment! This girl is a living, breathing FIRE of energy that inspires you to see the little things around you…and appreciate them!

Tessa spent a year in South Africa (photo with her on left, sister Lanet, sister Chelsea, and me) before heading to college and graduating with a major in Criminal Justice and Anthropology. She is now attending the Minneapolis Cadet program this spring and plans to chase a career as a Police Officer, a male-dominated field. You and I can both agree that this is a hard time for Police Officer’s, right? So, her desire and passion to serve others by putting on a police uniform is even more courageous and inspiring!

I’m honored and privileged that today’s post is about an epic #GirlBoss in the making whom just happens to be my sister :).

Go Tessa!

I know that, although my sister is incredibly awesome and inspiring, Tessa isn’t the only woman out there creating awe and inspiration to those around her. Tell me about the #GirlBoss in your life. Tell me about that person that you know is on their way to something amazing. Tell me about your person that is breaking rules and boundaries in their field. Tell me about that person that finds small ways to make life better for those around them.

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This post was brought to you by Lenovo. The opinions and text are all mine.

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