garden rock caterpillar.

how to make a garden rock caterpillar!  This is a super adorable and simple craft to do with kids.

This fun project is a great way to get your kids excited about the garden! Creating their own garden rock caterpillar to “guard” the garden is a fun activity for the whole family. It’s also inexpensive and easy! And your child can help gather up the needed supplies!

Supplies for garden rock caterpillar:

  • Outdoor paint in the desired colors.
  • 7 large rocks. (body)
  • 12 small rocks. (feet)
  • 2 small sticks (antennae)
  • Waterproof landscaping glue or Goop.

1. Determine what rocks are going to be where in your caterpillar. Save out your “head” and “feet”.

2. Have your child paint the rocks that are the caterpillar’s body.

Give them a lot of color choices and encourage them to be creative. Be aware that most outdoor paint is not washable so be watch out for fancy clothes!


3. Paint the “antennae” (sticks), “head” (large rock), and “feet” (small rocks) a solid color such as black or green.

4. Give your garden rock caterpillar a face ( or not…whatever.)

Rock Caterpillar's head

5. After the paint has dried on the head attach the “antennae” (sticks) with your waterproof glue.

Also, attach “feet” to the rocks that are going to be the humps of the caterpillar. You need to attach your “head” to the first rock on the body. Use rocks, bottles, books, whatever you can find to prop them up while they dry. Let dry for several hours.

6. Assemble the caterpillar!

Put the head in place and then balance the remaining rocks onto one another. Use the painted small rocks (that were not attached) for feet.

how to make a garden rock caterpillar.

Did you guys have fun?

Then make Grandma rock caterpillar. Or the mailman rock caterpillar!

We think kids that love re purposing and recycling is something that needs to be treasured and cultivated! We have fun each month with Green Kids Crafts and the supplies they send to help us teach Levi all about the outdoors and our environment. This monthly kit is a great idea for parents and grandparents! And…so fun for the summer months! Check it out!

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  1. says

    I love this. When I get my flowerbeds done I will definitely be painting some caterpillar rocks to give it another splash of color. So cute.

  2. says

    These are really cute. We are wanting to paint ladybugs with our craft group at the nursing home. So what exactly is “outdoor” paint? Besides house paint?

    • says

      It’s just craft paint that is made for outside. If you go to a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or something, the staff should be able to help you find it.

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