repurpose end-table: kids specimen table


Let’s start Bloggy Olympics Craft Week with a bang…shall we? Head over to one of this week's hosts for a great tutorial to follow along with. Here's to Handy Andy C.W. Frosting Freaking Craft *********************************************************************************** This is one of my favorite crafts…EVER! I don’t know why. It just is. Kinda like my Bear Butt shelves reveal is one of my favorite posts ever. Just the name...giggle! The DIY Specimen Table… As a child, nothing is more exciting than finding the perfect rock, bug, or leaf while exploring nature. But, I am not a fan of them keeping “finds” in ...

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Paint Week…my bear butt shelves revealed


I have been painting. What I am working on right now actually didn’t require much painting. But, as always…there is some. Darn it! Here is  a peek of what we have been working on. And, these pictures stink. Just stink. Okay, a quick 411 on what is going on here. This is the before shot…kinda. Terrible. This is in the basement and is a strange combo of hallway, doors, windows, and half walls. It is a decorators, designers, and mom’s nightmare. We’ve been staring at it forever trying to figure it out. We decided on making it an area for the kids. (send them to the basement…ha!)   This particular wall is the ...

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Secret Kitchen Timesavers: Tips and tricks for saving time in the kitchen


I am smack dab in the middle of cleaning my house.  I am the oldest of 10… in case you hadn’t caught that.  Family affairs are ginormous, huge, dinosaur!! And, often at my house.  Such is the case for a week starting Friday.  I don’t clean super well before guests arrive…I save that for AFTER.  But…my kitchen and bathrooms do get cleaned and declutttered, Because there is nothing worse then lots of people in a cluttered kitchen! And a cluttered kitchen is a time sucker!  As I was doing kitchen cleaning and doing some basic rearranging I thought I should write up a post about ...

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Paint 101–Blooming Hydrangea

Hey guys!! Are you learning great stuff at Paint Week? I sure am! Today, I asked a blogger friend of mine to share her experience in...imperfection. She had a heck of time with her kitchen cabinets. I wanted you all to hear that even the best of the best struggle, have a hard time, and want  do-overs. That's okay!!! Being perfect is impossible! Meet my friend...Ange from Blooming Hydrangea... ******************************************************************************* Hello Hating Martha peeps! I'm so excited to be here today for Paint Week! I'm Ange and I blog at The Blooming Hydrangea. Most of the time I ...

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Paint 101…Redoux Interiors

Well, looky are here! Good deal. You DO NOT want to miss this guest's great tips. Seriously...I learned alot! And me, being me, thought I knew it all (insert cheeky grin) about paint.   This lady needs little introduction in the world of blogging, painting, furniture, and general awesomeness. She is as talented as they come, and funky to boot. Great combo!! Meet Karen, from Redoux Interior... ****************************************************************************************************************   Hi there, I am Karen, (aka Good Time Charlie) from Redoux Interiors. I am passionate about ...

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Paint 101…It All Started With Paint

Oh gosh you guys...I am terribly excited for  yet another great group of guests! The guests this week are what I consider experts in...Paint!   And today's guest is a gem... a wonderful lady, blogger, and painter person (yes, I am fully aware that is not a word). I am tickled purple that she agreed to share her brain with us today. I am tickled green that Linda from It All Started with Paint is here!! Go Linda!! And there are no shark infested waters when you are around! If there were...I would gladly jump in with you! *********************************************************************************** I’ve ...

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Eleanor Roosevelt aka. Grace Kelly

vintage buffet display by NellieBellie

It’s Paint Week here at Hating Martha! And I have some lovely, expert painting guests for you. On Monday, Linda from It All Started with Paint will be here to give the 411 about Paint 101. On Tuesday, Karen from Redoux will grace the Hating Martha blog. And on Wednesday, Ange from The Blooming Hydrangea will talk about her paint fiasco turned wonder! Seriously…these ladies are where it’s at! I’ll be tracking to see which of you don’t come! (just kidding, I don’t know how to do that…yet)   But, in the meantime I wanted to show you a project that I did that shows just what ...

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Bloggy Olympics Event 3-Paint!


Wow…are we already on Event 3 of the Bloggy Olympics? Are you following along? I am. Last week Adventures in Dinner made yummy banana desserts. I made banana cream cupcakes. This week…who knows which host I am going to copy. Here are the choices… Primitive and Proper Craptastic The Bold Abode   Well, then. And once again…Thursday and Friday is the linky party!   I don’t have a project for you. Because that’s the host’s job. I get to relax, sit back, and watch them work. Wa ha!!! So…see you tomorrow when I do my job and tell you about paint. Which…I love by the way. Whomever invented it I want to give a ...

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Margarita Cupcakes

NellieBellie: Margarita Cupcakes

This morning was a good day.  I spent it sitting around gabbing with 3 of my 9 siblings and sneaking bits of frosting and entire margarita cupcakes.  Not suggested during swimsuit season. Ach, why not…who cares. I’ll be the girl with a bit of an extra gut. But, gosh darn I will be happy. 'Cause I just had a cupcake.   Okay, let’s talk Margaritas. Lime, and Tequila, and salt, and other “stuff”. Goodness. Roll that up into a cupcake…bliss!!!  I would like to mention that this is not my recipe.  Because, sometimes, I find a recipe that I know I can’t make any more ...

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repurpose pool noodle: pretend cupcakes

These fake cupcakes are a ton of fun for playing a joke on someone in your family. Super cute,!

That title drums up ideas of aliens and creepy things, doesn’t it?  Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you creepy dreams.  Happy thoughts…pool noodle crafts....and!... Cupcakes!! It is stinking hot here in the Midwest.  Everything is drooping. Everything is sweating.  Sweat is coming from places I didn’t know could sweat.  Things are drooping I didn’t know could droop.  It is toooo darn hot to make cupcakes.  So…bye, that's all folks! Just kidding. I am a girl of my word.  I said cupcake week. So, gosh darn…we are having cupcakes!!  I just had to be…creative. Yep, that’s ...

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Coconut Lime Cupcakes


Cupcake Week continues with Coconut Lime Cupcakes!!! First the whining… I picked the hottest day in the history of hot days to make cupcakes. Cause I love you all. Or because I love cupcakes. Which ever. Really…not smart! But, when it comes to cupcakes...I will suffer alot! Now the disclaimer… I do not care about how cupcakes look. Just how they taste. I have been making an attempt and adding pretty toppings. But, this cupcake has droopy frosting and not terribly creative toppings. But, that’s because all the time was spent on the CUPCAKE! Which, is the important part. Okay, moving on… This is summer cupcake week. ...

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Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes AND Rootbeer Float-ish Cupcake

Banana cream pie cupcakes. Simple and delicious!

Cupcakes are a happy food for us.  They are not the best for healthy eating, but they are the best for joy and fun and all things wonderful.  We love both of these cupcakes for different reasons.  Both of these cupcakes use the same vanilla cupcake base; a box mix.  We add a couple things for more flavor...but they are basically just a box mix.  It is the frosting, filling, and toppings that make these Banana Cream cupcakes special. I would like to say these Banana Cream Cupcakes are super fancy pancy, but that would be lying.  And lying gets you struck by lighting.  These are ...

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