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coconut butter bars with chocolate chips

Ooey Gooey Magic Butter Bars

Ooey Gooey Magic Butter bars are everything that is good in the world. Sweet, buttery, chocolate, coconut, and shortbread all smooshed into one amazing bar!

Homemade Lemon Bars

Is anyone else a massive fan of all things lemon? As long as it does not taste like cleaning fluid, of course. (So most lemon candies are a no-no). They are sweet and tart at the same time, and generally not so rich that you feel like

Coconut Date Cheesecake Bars

I'm a firm believer in having one piece of AMAZING dessert once in a while instead of little bites more often. Our minimal lifestyle is all about having less so that we can have BETTER. Even in desserts. This coconut date cheesecake recipe is heavenly! Although it's

Gluten-free and naturally sweetened Honey Lemon Almond Bars

Honey-Lemon Almond bars

These bars are not for those of you that can have gluten and sugar without worry. Your taste buds won't appreciate them. But, for those of you that are on Paleo diets or are needing to drastically cut out various gluten and sugars .... give them a

S'mores eclair cake is a fun twist on the classic no-bake cake we love!

S'mores Chocolate Eclair Bars

This is what happens when you combine two of your favorite summer desserts into one pan. S'mores Chocolate Eclair Bars. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking

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