make money with sponsored content...the masterclass

Learn how to get sponsored content for your blog and increase your income. I’ll walk you through from start to finish.


You want to create sponsored content but don’t know how to start.
Doing sponsored content seems like a waste of time.
Sponsored content is a scary land that you don’t know how to navigate.

Do any of these sound familiar?

As an online creator and pro-blogger for 7 years, I have created sponsored content for dozens and dozens of national brands. I have successfully signed 5 figure contracts for long-term work, had repeat clients, and forged strong partnerships with some of the largest brands in the country. 

I believe in sponsored content as a source of income because… I know it works. When done correctly, sponsored content can bring value to your business and readers. I have successfully used sponsored content to bring in steady income while building my brand and company. Let me teach you what I have learned along the way. 

Some of the work I do is for brands is for them to use on their own platforms, but there is still a large number of brand work on my food & lifestyle website…  I hope to see you in a course learning what I know…sponsored content, when done well, can be a wonderfully fulfilling way to build a business and earn income!

What if you could...

This course is designed to get you started towards long-term relationships with people who can keep the brand work coming your way, and the tips and tricks to get those brands to stay.

Learn how to make your blog and messaging brand friendly, how to attract and pitch the brands YOU want, how to create content that brands will love, and how to turn one-time jobs into long-term sponsorships. And more and more and more!!

Here's what you'll get

Plans for getting your site ready for brand work, creating posts that brands will love, and wooing brands for long-term work. And more and more and more.

 You’ll practice pitching brands, taking photographs brands will love, writing creative content with brands front and center, and critiquing others’ brand work. This is an action masterclass and DO is our main message.

 12 modules of lessons, PDF’s, video, swipe files, templates, and homework to make the scary land of sponsored content a place you feel confident can increase your blog income within months. I want you to increase your income IMMEDIATELY upon taking this class!

Within 30 days, you have a full money-back guarantee. I totally believe in this course and don’t expect you to even ask!

However, if you have participated in one of the live workshops, you will give up your refund eligibility. (3 hours of live training is TOTALLY worth the money, you understand!) ~Janel


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Hi! I'm Janel!

Since 2005, my husband and I have run a small off-line business…successfully (as in, it makes money!). Starting in 2011, I began a second journey of creating an online brand (it also makes money!).  

On the surface, these two seem completely opposite, but branding and marketing principles cross over. Especially since my way of doing business is all about putting people first, not following the latest trends. Because of that, I have been able to adapt my work to the constant change.

6 years later, NellieBellie is now able to support my family and I in a flexible lifestyle that allows me to pursue my passions and live life on my terms.   

Well, mostly. I still have to work pretty hard. But I get to do it wherever I like while sipping my latte and deciding what I  – myself – think is most important.

Sponsored Content helps me be able to do just that. I’ve even been paid to make the latte I’m sipping :). 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t think this course is for me?
You have 30 days to ask for a refund. Please know you will be getting your content modules every few days and not all at one time. This means it will take about 90 days for the course to be delivered. Within 30 days, you will know if this course is for you. If not, simply ask for a refund.

How much can I expect to earn with sponsored content?
This is a question that varies from blog to blog, quite dramatically sometimes. I CAN promise you that you WILL see an increase in what you are making right now by at least 100%. 

Is sponsored content even worth doing anymore?
Of course! Influencer marketing is a space that continues to grow and grow! Good quality, hard working influencers are always valuable. And…sponsored content can add tremendous value to your brand, apart from the money you make.

Is this a “DIY” sort of course?
Sort of yes and sort of no. I know, totally not helpful :). There are lessons and videos to help you learn the concepts and then homework to put those concepts into practice. Do the homework and you’ll see practical results. But I am not acting as an agent and finding and creating sponsored content for you. Certainly not.

Are you available for questions?
For sure! Throughout the time the content is being delivered, I am available for any questions you have. Feel free to ask in our FB community or via e-mail. You are not left on your own to “figure it out” completely. So mean :).

What if I’m not ready for sponsored content?
Honestly, I would still take the course. Doing sponsored content without any foundation of information will just be a bad business decision. You’ll save money, have a better experience, and create better content if you have taken this course before any sponsored content opportunities arise.

Enough reading...just get the course already!

If you have made it this far down the page you and I are meant to be. Let’s get you on your way to being a killer sponsored content creator!

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