How to turn a plastic toy into a toothbrush holder

There are those moments when you need to do something ridiculous for no other reason than because it makes you smile. I hope you have those moments-- I hope that you act on them. I did. As a result of my impulsiveness, I now have a giraffe toothbrush holder. A toy giraffe toothbrush holder.  Sitting on my bathroom counter staring smugly at me when I wash my hands.

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It's awfully hard for anyone to forget to brush their teeth when that giraffe is sitting there. Best toothbrush holder ever!

And, the best part was how quick and easy that giraffe was to make with a few simple steps! A trip to Target brought home a plastic giraffe for $3.00 (yes, this is the same type of giraffe I used for my gold, gilded bookends!). My Dewalt drill, about 10 minutes later and we had success!!

toy toothbrush holder


Perhaps you aren't one to keep the little caps on your toothbrushes. We are. I have a strange idea that when people use the toilet all that toilet stuff gets on my toothbrush if it's sitting out unprotected. I also worry that someone might slosh hand water on my toothbrush. Or sneeze on it.

yes, I have problems. But thankfully the little caps make all my problems go away.

                                                                                        Little toothbrush caps=priceless!

toy toothbrush holder supplies


  • Plastic toy animal (best if hollow) that will fit the number of toothbrushes you want.
  • Drill  (with 3 progressively larger bits)

toy toothbrush holder step1

To Do:

1- use a small drill bit to start small holes where you would like your larger holes to be. Be careful at this step because your drill bit will want to jump a bit. Go slow and steady until you have about a ¼ inch in depth.

toy toothbrush holder final step

2-Re-drill the same holes again in the next larger drill bit. And then again in the size you want your final holes to be.

tip: if you find the drill bits you have are too small you can enlarge the hole by working the drill bit into the sides of the hole to enlarge it.

toy toothbrush holder bottom

(I apologize to all lovely giraffes of the world for this less than flattering picture!!)

3-Drill a hole on the underside of your toy to help the liquid that usually comes with toothbrushes drain a bit.

Clean out your bits of plastic, put on your toothbrush caps, and insert. Happy day you impulsive toy toothbrush holder creator, you!

toy toothbrush holder

For more fun and creative ideas for your bathroom you really must see my diy bathroom ideas!!  . And of course, follow along on Pinterest for all of my favorite craft ideas. The silly, the colorful, the easy...the best ever!

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