Stress-Free Tips for How to Get your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays with Amazon


This is a sponsored post for Amazon in partnership with Forward Influence. All opinions are my own.

For a stress-free, successful holiday season, Amazon (with no-follow link) is my secret weapon. I have used Amazon for YEARS to deliver gifts and fun surprises to my family across the country. From siblings in the service, to grandparents that live hours away, or even my kids…Amazon has made it so easy for me to send them gifts. If you haven’t yet gotten on the Amazon holiday bandwagon, today is the day.

But, even though I have siblings and family across the country there are plenty more that head to my house for the holidays (with 10 kids in our family, there is always some far and some near!) to stay with us.

I use Amazon to help me with all of the prep that I need to get the guest room ready with zero stress. They always have low prices, great selections, and crazy convenient delivery. I ordered my new sheets and pillowcases from Amazon and they were at my door in only a couple of days. And sooo easy to order!

These are my MUST DO — QUICK AS A LICK — NOT EXPENSIVE ways to get the guest room looking pretty without stressing out:

  1. Fresh sheets.
    These are gorgeous pin-stripe sheets from Amazon. They are gorgeous!
  2. Pretty candle.
    A candle is such a simple and pretty way to add decor and air freshener to a room.
  3. Small plant or flower arrangement.
    Honestly, I usually grab something from somewhere else in the house and move it into the guest room for the holidays. But a green plant feels warm, clean and inviting.
  4. Wi-Fi code!
    How often do guests have to ask you for the code? Make it easy and put it right where they can find it.
  5. New pillowcases.
    Sure your pillowcases are probably clean. But new ones are easy to grab and feel sooo much cleaner!
  6. Small bowl of candies.
    Seriously, take my advice and try this! Your guests will LOVE this.
  7. Reading material.
    Sure, they probably won’t read them. But, put a few of your favorite books and maybe a coloring book and pencils. Everyone needs a bit of wind-down time and your guests will enjoy the thought, if not the book. (although I’ve had many of my guests ask to take the book home because they wanted to finish it!)
  8. Clean towels.
    There is nothing more obnoxious than having to dig for a towel in someone else’s bathroom. Make it easy and put clean towels in an obvious location.
  9. Dust the windowsills.
    This is such a strange tip, I know, but window sills are often the last thing to be cleaned and often hold all kinds of nasty dust. Clean them quick. Better yet, touch them up with fresh paint.
  10. Small rug.
    A small rug placed at the side of the bed is inviting, cozy, and pretty. A simple addition that will add charm and comfort.
  11. Cute tray or plate.
    A cute tray or plate on the bed is just so fun, welcoming, and personal. This small tray I picked up from Amazon for a crazy good deal and I love it!!
  12. Enjoy your guests!
    Now that you’ve prepped a bit for their arrival and made sure they feel welcome, enjoy their company. Your job, now, is to enjoy your guests!

Take this list with you when you are getting your guest room ready! You’ll have happy guests that feel welcome. Trouble is, they might not leave :). Hopefully, you’ll be more than fine with that.

And hey, when you are grabbing those guest room supplies, take a look at the great gifts available on Amazon. Grab some time to check out for great ideas and grab some gifts when you freshen the guest room.

There are oodles of items, this year that will get you free shipping during the holidays and Amazon Prime members in 8,000 cities and towns can take advantage of that awesome free same-day delivery this holiday season freaking awesome!!! I’ll gladly stay home and order the things I need from my home! I can stress less and still get my shopping done. Even last minute!

Amazon is committed to #DeliveringSmiles this holiday season through a variety of ways – stay tuned throughout the season to discover how! It’s going to be a super-fun holiday season and, thanks to this list, my guests will be happy!

For other great ideas on how to reduce your stress with Amazon:




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14 thoughts on “Stress-Free Tips for How to Get your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays with Amazon”

  1. We love having guests over but it’s so stressful getting the room ready for them. Shopping on Amazon would definitely make everything so much smoother so I could enjoy it more!

  2. So many great ideas! I always hustle to get fresh flowers, not even thinking to just move a green plant from elsewhere.

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