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While a toy-free Christmas might not work for everyone, it can be a great chance to teach life-long values to your children in this season of giving!

The Argument for a Toy-Free Christmas

Are you thinking of reducing the amount of toys and stuff you gift your children this Christmas? Let me help convince you of why this is a GREAT decision!

dirty dog

Waving the White Flag

"Where is it? I know I set it down here somewhere...? Must've been at the end of my last pregnancy. Or maybe it was that time a bus hit my car the same day I got a speeding ticket and spilled taco sauce on my new work pants.

why we need the weirdos

Why We Need the Weirdos

When you become a parent, life undoubtedly changes. I'm a (pregnant) mother of two (and a half), so experience allows me to state this with confidence. Your days shift from worrying about being on time for happy hours to being on time for daycare pick-up. You become less concerned

Be a brave Mom of Firsts!

Make yourself a brave Mom of Firsts.

You know all about the first moments that you "shouldn't miss" in your child's life. You are perfectly aware of that bit of guilt over missing your child's first step because you are working, or the first time your child says "mama" you might not be around

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