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Simple techniques, resources, and how-to's to help even the beginning cooks get a bit better and more confident in the kitchen.

quick tips for freezing Christmas cookies, freezing baked cookies, freezing cookie dough, freezing cookies, From nelliebellie.com

How to freeze cookies

Freezing cookie dough is a fantastic idea (and a great gift idea, as well!) because it allows you to have fresh-baked cookies without a lot of fuss. Granted, it's not AS fast as freezing cookies that you've already baked, but it's still a great method! “We are

nothing better than a personal mug cake! this post has the tutorial for those homeamade candied peanuts. Yum! | nelliebellie.com

How to Make Homemade Candied Peanuts

If you have never, ever, in the history of ever made candied nuts (can you hear an 11 year old giggling at that phrase--I did!) you really should. It's fast, easy, inexpensive (compared to buying them!), and customizable to all sorts of flavors, nuts, sugars...you name it.

what version of the many coffee makers is best for you? |nelliebellie.com

How to pick the best way to make coffee for YOU

Be sure to grab our adorable, free printable at the end of this post...a cute coffee printable that will look adorable in your kitchen, even if you haven't found the best coffee maker for you! “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an

Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Creamy homemade ranch dressing is easy to make and full of flavor! You'll never buy the bottled version again! Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing...might sound a bit daunting to some...it isn't really.  Most homemade dressings are actually really, really simple.  Once you've made your first one...you'll probably be back

Making pasta, in this case raviolo, isn't necessarily about the pasta. It's the fun had in the process.

how to make raviolo

Awhile back we made a version of toasted ravioli using wonton wraps.  And declared to all the world that wonton wraps worked just as well as homemade ravioli and anyone making their own pasta was wasting time.  We were politely chided by one of our favorite readers,

Simple, healthy Homemade chicken broth

How to Make Homemade Chicken Broth

Doesn't this just look super delicious?  There's a recipe down at the bottom so you can make it yourself, but we wanted to clarify a couple things first.  We do not always make chicken broth from scratch.  Nope.  But we (and by we, I mean Nellie) do

Homemade spice bags | tutorial | from NellieBellie #spicebag

How to make Mulling Spices bag (for cider, tea, rum)

These adorable little bags of spices will make your warm drinks taste like Christmas all year long!! Easy to make (no truly...easy!) and a great gift idea! You will be making these in mass amounts and sharing them with your friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

how to make bagels

HOmemade bagels are fun treat in my house. Making your own bagels at home is easier than you might think. Try cinnamon raisin or blueberry for a fun twist. I love blogging. Yeah, yeah…that’s not the secret. This is…sometimes I make things I’ve always wanted to just

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