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2 Minute Microwave Fudge

You'll surprise them with your fudge as good as Grandma makes. Bonus, yours is made in the microwave in fractions of the time!

Microwave Fudge Recipe

My Great Grandma made the BEST fudge in the world. This microwave fudge recipe is as good as Great Grandma's. For real. I would rather have Great Grandma's any day of the week if it was delivered by her, don't mistake. But flavor-wise...this microwave fudge recipe can't be beat. It's the recipe I use year after year during the holidays. The best part, 3 ingredients and super fast...all made in the microwave!

We made quick and easy step-by-step video that shows the process of making this great microwave fudge!

Just as easy as the original microwave fudge, the peppermint fudge will be a super recipe at holidays!

Peppermint Microwave Fudge

When I put up the recipe for my microwave fudge last year I was unprepared for how much you all were going to love it, share it, come back for the recipe again and again, and pin it. I totally get it...I love it too. I haven't made a "proper" pan of fudge since using this microwave fudge version. Why? This is so good and far easier.

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