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Dining Room Schoolhouse Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall in the dining room isn’t for everyone. Especially a schoolhouse GREEN chalkboard wall. However, take a bit of inspiration from this project and create an accent wall for yourself. Perhaps you’ll even try a chalkboard wall, yourself? I’ve got the easy tutorial, tips & tricks, and thoughts on creating this chalkboard accent wall.

How to Paint a Drop cloth Rug

This painted drop cloth rug is a beautiful and simple Aztec wonder. It is created simply from a drop cloth and paint. Take an afternoon and create yourself a beautiful cloth for under your table.

A Pink Front Door – quick update

With some paint, a brush, and painters tape you can add a big impact to your home! An afternoon and a bit of patience is all it takes to add a personal touch to your doors.

DIY Song Lyric Art (canvas & Sharpie!)

You only need 2 materials for this charming DIY Song Lyric Art! A sharpie and a canvas to create a personalized piece of art you’ll be proud to have anywhere in your home!

easy DIY Pet Art (Full tutorial, video, & PDF)

Create your own custom art featuring your favorite pooch! A great gift idea for your dog-loving friend. I have the full instructions for this DIY pet art including printables, video, and more! Follow along!

Hi DIY Doormat –no crafting skills needed!

Personalize a cheap outdoor entry rug with spray paint and tape into a fun, colorful, long lasting entry rug! No crafty skills or hard materials needed! Part of the 30 for $30 series.

easy DIY Barn Quilt ANYONE can make!

This DIY Barn Quilt is made using 4 smaller pieces of plywood to create the large size making it much easier for anyone to make with simple tools. No need to haul a large piece of plywood!

8 easy DIY Sharpie Ornaments-FULL instructions

It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about great DIY Christmas gifts for your friends and family! These adorable woodland animal ornaments made with Sharpies are the perfect place to start.

A gorgeous updated entry with DIY cubbies, stenciled wall, and many more beautiful details.

Entry Reveal

Put a fork in it, our mudroom/entry remodel is done. Thank goodness! We turned this long, awkward space that was always disorganized and messy into a beautiful and useable entryway perfect for storage, organization, and dropping backpacks. To remind you of the starting point when we bought

Mudroom/Entry Week 3 Update

Week 3 of the Mudroom/Entry and we are starting on the flooring! Come check out what we chose!

Mudroom/Entry update [ORC Challenge]

The light, the paint, the progress…so good! Come see how far we have come in our One Room Challenge project…our mudroom/entry!

Mudroom/Entry – One Room Challenge

We are starting our One Room Challenge entry…the mudroom/entry! Don’t miss this next few posts for some great budget decorating ideas!

Finally, the kitchen reveal!

I finally have a beautiful kitchen to show you! Check out the changes we made. And YES…we DIY’ed this whole gorgeous kitchen ourselves. That green…I just can’t even take how gorgeous it is!

my Do It Yourself Kitchen Island with concrete countertops

[hfcm id=”2″] Can you just give me a hug, right about now? Because I am sooooo excited to have the kitchen island built and organized this New Year. This Do It Yourself Kitchen Island is a beast of a girl and took a lot of hard work,

easy Shoe Organizer Vertical Indoor Garden

This project is a fabulous way to get air-purifying plants into a small space without taking up valuable real estate. Using a vertical shoe organizer allows you to get a whole heap of fabulous greenery in your home in a very compact way.

you need to know this easy hack for creating beautiful gallery walls without adding tons of unnecessary nails!

fool-proof Gallery Wall/Plate Wall hack

Many of us want a beautiful home just like what we see on Pinterest and in magazines. We know it’s terribly unrealistic and most likely those homes either have a live-in maid, no real people that live there, or are immediately messy after the photo shoots. But

DIY christmas gift

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas from the Kitchen

Christmas is right around the corner (THIS weekend! Can you believe it?!) and everyone is rushing for those last-minute gifts that will impress their friends and loved ones. The shopping malls crazy, packed with shoppers scrambling for gifts, there’s traffic on every road, and stressed-out parents everywhere! It probably sounds better just to stay at home and not fret with malls and toy stores, right? Of course…but where are your gifts going to come from? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

christmas gift tags

Personalized Thumbprint Christmas Gift Tags

The season for gift-giving has arrived and we are so excited! We love the process of finding and giving gifts to the people we love. It’s so much fun thinking up gift ideas and hunting for the perfect presents that will make people smile.

Sure, sometimes it can be a stressful process. What do you get for that family member who seems to have everything? Or the sister who always asks for personal defense weapons, like knives? (True story; she’s going to be a cop. Should we be worried?!) There’s only so many options before you need to come up with something truly creative. But even though it can be a challenge, we enjoy it.

And for us, the actual present is only part of the gift. The packaging is almost as important. Think about it; isn’t it more fun to receive a fancy gift with a giant bow and sparkly paper than a gift wrapped in a plastic bag? We think so.

Enter these adorable customized gift tags!

These fun christmas gift tags are just one of the many gift tag variations we use each year to jazz up our gifts. We’re showing them to you because they are so simple and fast. We know you can make them, you will love them, and the people receiving the gifts will love them even more.

living room makeover - tiny home

Living Room Makeover: Tiny Home

Full Disclosure: I received product from Sherwin-Williams and Lamps Plus for this project. Thanks guys!! Guys, both of these brands are fantastic and should be top picks for your own homes! Find our full disclosure here. I’ve been making some really exciting changes and updates to my living

SunRoom Makeover – proof that paint is magic!

I’m going to keep this simple and skip the chit chat. We moved about a month ago to an 1880 home. This sunroom was the first room I’ve finished. This is the listing picture and the way it looked when we moved in… “We are a participant

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