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Anthro Hack: DIY Ceramic Vases

Update vases to mimic their more expensive counterparts with only a bit of paint, baking soda, and a Sharpie. Take your mismatched, cheap vases and turn them into beautiful, high-end textured vases. Recently I was doing a bit of online browsing and ran across these vases that

A Pink Front Door - quick update

With some paint, a brush, and painters tape you can add a big impact to your home! An afternoon and a bit of patience is all it takes to add a personal touch to your doors.

DIY area rug.

$20 Area Rag Rug Tutorial (DIY Area Rug) Yep, you heard it right. I spent $20 on this baby. And you can too. Small area rugs are cheap. I paid $1.99 a piece for them at the big box home improvement store. These measured about 3feet by

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