how to make sugar cookie gift tags

NellieBellie: Sugar cookie gift tags

Just make sure you don’t set these presents with Sugar Cookie  gift tags on top of each other.
Broken sugar cookie tags would be sad.
Talk about a way to ruin a Christmas.

Anyways, I’m a simple wrapper kind of girl.
Either pretty paper and a sharpie with the name written on it.
Or brown paper with great tags.
Not both.
That’s just overkill.
This year the brown paper on a roll won.
So…I’m ramping up the name tags a bit.

I love, love these name tags.
They're the sweetest things!

Now, you can just attach these to the present without them being in the bag.
But, then they can’t be eaten.
What a waste!
So, I went the extra step and put them in bags.
Cause I’m thoughtful that way .

Anyways, this is simple simple.
You need:

sugar cookies
treat bags (watch that you get the right size)
small ribbon



If you are making your own sugar cookies just use a chopstick or wooden spoon to add a hole at the top of the cookie before you bake it.
If you are buying the sugar cookies you can just add a hole to the plastic bag in the corner…no need to have it in the cookie itself.

1. make the cookies. make sure they cool.

2. add your decoration and name. let the icing dry.

3. add a  hole to your bag either in the corner (for purchased cookies) or at the top (for homemade cookies)

4. insert decorated cookies into bag.

5. run ribbon through the hole.

6. attach the sugar cookie tags to presents.


How cute is that!!
I think that those super fancy decorated cookies you can get at a bakery  would be great for extra special presents!
Otherwise, simple cookies are still fantastic.
Personal, creative, and sweeet. Doesn’t get better then that!

NellieBellie: Sugar cookie gift tags


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