cheese stuffed tomatoes

Simple and easy recipe for cheese stuffed tomatoes from

We're suckers for beautiful looking food.  We truly are.   It is living, breathing edible art. Which is probably why whenever we see something stuffed, especially when it has a garnish, we automatically assume it will be good.  We just do.  It isn't always.  But with these cheese stuffed tomatoes, what you see really is what you get.  Deliciousness, and healthiness, and adorableness.  All in one.

And they're mini.

Not the stupid giant stuffed tomatoes that are big and mushy and have a weird filling-to-tomato ratio.  No sir; that's not how we do things here.  Mini is almost always better.

Exception; mini Reeses.  That's just a travesty...but moving on. Okay, not moving on...seriously, who thought mini Reeses would ever work? "Hmmm, I would like a Reeses...can I have a mini one please?" As if.  Bigger is always better when it comes to chocolate! Don't you agree? But, not with tomatoes. No sir, mini is the way to go! Now we shall move on...

Simple and easy recipe for cheese stuffed tomatoes from

Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes

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  • cherry tomatoes
  • cream cheese (whipped until soft)
  • greens (pea shoots, fresh herbs, etc)
  • salt and pepper


  • Cut the part of the top of the tomato out that has the stem. I have no idea what it's called. But, you need to cut out the top enough to get the center scooped out and make yourself a "bowl" of sorts out of the tomato.
  • Mix together the cream cheese, greens, and salt & pepper until you are happy with the flavor and look. It's completely up to you how much of each you use.
  • Use a spoon and your clean fingers to shove the cream cheese mixture into the tomatoes.
  • 4. Top with a bit of your greens for prettiness sake.
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  1. Style Bits & Bobs of M.E.

    That looks yummy. I am a sucker for beautiful food as well! Food can be delicious and beautiful.

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