How to make Santa keys (free printable)

It was a sad Tuesday evening when Levi discovered that our new apartment didn't have a chimney. Technically, it has a chimney. But, it has long since been closed up and plastered over. He wasn't buying the theory that Santa knew how to magically create a fireplace and make it work. *sigh*  So, instead, I was given the task of obtaining a set of keys for Santa. I used these simple steps to create Santa a key...

Simple steps to create Santas key with free printable image//NellieBellie

And, because I'm a nice girl, and all that nonsense, I'm sharing the printable with you! So, you too can have a Santa key.(imagine a salesman voice with that last sentence... "so you TOO can have a Santa key!". Ha, that's funny.)

Okay, this is a simple project to do. And, your child doesn't care how fancy you make this. Really! As long as Santa can get in...they are good!

For my version, I used a craft frame from Michaels and tied the printable on the inside of it. I added some pretty ribbon to the key and tied it on the frame. Easy!

Some ideas for personalizing the printable and key:

  • put the printable inside a picture frame (probably with plexi-glass front) and hang
  • laminate the printable with an extra 4 inches on top. Cut a circle in the extra 4 inches to create a door hanger. Punch a hole in the bottom corner and hang the key
  • Use a ring binder to add the key and a small version of the printable. Hide the key in your usual key hiding spot. Of course Santa can find it!!
  • Tie the printable and key onto your usual evergreen Christmas wreath

To print: click the image below (don't worry you'll get one without my name all over it!), use your right-save on your computer to save it to your files. When printing, be sure to print the size you want!

santas key printable image

Tell me how you plan to personalize your Santa keys this year...I can't wait to hear! We are talking about our Santa fun over on Facebook. Head HERE to join the conversation!

Santas key solves the no chimney problem! With free printable//NellieBellie

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