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Pricing is simple


First Time
$ 100 Per recipe--no add-ons

previous client

Full experience
$ 40 Per hour

Contact Me to get started...

What about groceries? We have a $15 budget that is included in your pricing. If we anticipate the recipe you want will go over that budget we will tell you and ask for additional reimbursement.

Why hourly? Because I am fast (most full recipes are developed and photographed in under 2 hours) but because I have enough experience to know:

No piece of content or client is standard. So pricing isn’t standard. I value my time AND I value my clients.

Therefore…you have my undivided time and attention (I only do exclusives-no semi’s) only on YOUR recipe content. For $40 an hour, of course :). 

How do we communicate? I prefer to set up a Trello board for each of my clients with their branding info as well as all upcoming and past recipes. I also prefer to upload photos raw and unedited as I shoot them so that my client can give immediate feedback, if they like.

What is the turnaround time? Honestly, I can spit out a recipe in a day. But that isn’t the right way to do it. Instead, we want to develop a recipe, send it to our recipe testers (an add-on), and take their feedback to make any adjustments. Getting quality work is worth waiting for. We want to be at LEAST 2 months ahead of your content calendar, if possible.

What are the linkable recipes we can add-on? Many recipes call for an ingredient or skill set that is just WAITING to have an additional post created about it. For instance, 15 Minute Skillet Pesto Pasta needs to have the Pesto Pasta recipe AND a Homemade Pasta recipe AND a Homemade Pesto recipe. All linked together. I mean…so efficient!

I want that! How much is that? $40 an hour. But here is the thing, because I’m already creating the original piece of content it will go faster (and therefore cheaper). Even if it didn’t…doesn’t it just make sense to create interlinking content. We will ALWAYS mention content we think might be handy for us to create for you. It is always your choice to take us up on it.

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