Quick Valentine’s Day cardigan.

Add a heart patch to your cardigan to refashion it into a Valentine's Day piece! from

I’m not a girl that is into matching her outfit with the holiday. I am not keen on Christmas sweaters, Easter dresses, red white and blue shorts, or Turkey brooches. I like to say Merry Christmas, Happy 4th, or whatever with my words; not my clothes screaming at you. I’m more about a capsule wardrobe and simplicity. But, a little hint to the holiday is sweet and lovely. And, so it is with adding heart patches to your cardie. A sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day cardigan.

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Cardigan that needs love. (code for you don’t already wear it all the time! )
Fabric cut into heart patches. (you know how you can fold paper in half and then cut half a heart, open it, and you have a full heart? Do that. But with fabric.)
Thread and needle. (honestly, you aren’t going to be wearing this terribly much, it’s seasonal. So there isn’t a need to get terribly complicated and perfect)


Pin the patches on your cardie in their desired location. Stitch those babies on. If you are like me and not the quickest stitcher, then watch a movie at the same time. Be patient! Or below, in the materials shopping list, I included an iron-on heart patch for the easiest way possible to add heart patches. I, personally, don’t like these because they tend to be quite stiff on the elbows. But they are a super easy option!

Add a heart patch for new life to your cardigan! A Valentine's Day cardigan from

Now your cardigan looks Valentine’s Day friendly. And won’t scare people when you wear it in April. You are cool, collected, trendy, and full of love and cheer!
So, let’s hear it. Are you a holiday sweater, turkey brooch, Easter bunny wearer? And Loud and Proud? Or, are you restrained in your wardrobe’s holiday cheer?

Here is a materials list which includes a cute top that already has a patch on the elbow. And best yet, I’ve added the link for an iron-on heart patch. If you want to skip the sewing part…


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