How to paint tile.

painting tile

 You might be wondering why I ever got the idea that painting tile might be a good idea. Well…The top is my bathroom at it’s absolute best. About 2 weeks ago.  I have been working at remodeling it…on a serious budget.  And when I say serious, I mean, almost nothing.

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Bathrooms are gross and stinky.  No matter how much you clean them, they just never seem to be all that pretty and clean.  At least when you have kids.  And just eat away at the cash when you try to give them a makeover.  They need all sorts of special sized containers and shelves, as well as special paints and such.  Geez.

But, we found some ways to freshen and revive this bathroom for cheap!  And when I say cheap…cheap!!

Okay, first up for me was the tile.  It was in great shape and it seemed foolish to pull it down and put up new.  But…I really, really, didn’t like it.  It just wasn’t jiving with what I wanted to see while sitting on the pot.

So..I painted it.
Yes, it worked.
Yes, it was easy.
Yes, it was cheap.
About $25.00! And not even really that because I used the same white paint I used for the sink (which you can see if you click HERE)…

painting tile

Here is a before. The tile is a beigey color…generic.
And frankly, a bit dirty looking.

painted tile

I painted it white white.
And added a border of charcoal on the top 2 rows.

I used the same tile paint to also paint the sink and it worked fantastic! What a great difference! You can head over HERE to see the finished room.

Here are the paints I  used… Rust-Oleum 7860519 Tub And Tile Refinishing 2-Part Kit, White (their special tub and tile 2-part version) and Martha Stewart. ,multi-purpose craft paint in charcoal.


That refinishing paint is stinky!  And has a time limit that is has to be used within.  But man…it works!

I used a basic craft paint for those top 2 rows.  I plan to throw a coat of clear sealer on top of it.  But I also bought several extra containers for touch-ups.  This tile is so low-traffic that I can’t imagine it will need a lot of touch-ups.  So far…it’s holding up ridiculously well!!  I’ll keep you updated though!

Update: 3 years later and this paint is still holding up great! There is a bit of peeling around the sink faucet that I believe I would have avoided if I had removed it to paint rather than simply taping. The tiles have held up absolutely brilliantly!


Pretty darn impressive…right!!
A difference is made already just from painting tile!

Not bad…not bad at all!

Update: to see the finished bathroom remodel click HERE. It’s way cool!

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26 thoughts on “How to paint tile.”

    1. I didn’t. But, I do know others that have with good success. Use the product made for painting tile and you should be fine!

  1. Did you paint the grout around the colored tiles the same color as the tiles? This looks awesome. I’m going to do it in my kids bathroom!! :)

  2. Danielle @ So Munch Love

    Love this! I never thought of painting over tile, but now I’m REALLY wanting to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love your ideas! So it’s been over 18 months now. How is it all holding up? How about cleaning it? I saw on the sink thing that you clean it as you normally do, but what do you normally do? Specifically?

    I am seriously considering trying this. I have a 70s bathroom that is the pits. It is that awful brownish yellow mustardy thing and the floor is tiled with it as well as the walls and the tub and the toilet. It looks like a mustard factory vomited all over it.

    I simply cannot afford to replace all of that, but painting it… that’s an idea. Since my toilet is basically the same kind of stuff as the tile, I’m betting I could do that too.

    I just want to make sure that all my efforts won’t disappear in a year. This needs to last for a good long while.

    You did a GREAT job!

    1. It’s holding up well! One thing I didn’t do that I should have is remove the faucet and then paint. The paint is peeling from around the faucet because it didn’t adhere properly. I’m sure if I had removed the faucet first it wouldn’t be doing that.

      I would do it again, for sure!

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