How to make dolls from paintsticks

I had this plan for quite some time of creating a set of peg dolls. For whom, and clue. But, that's not the point. The point is that I adore those wooden peg dolls and needed to make a set. But, alas...those little wooden pegs in unfinished/non-painted form are not easily found. I mean, I could go online and order them. But, I'm an immediate gratification kind of girl and if I can't find them at the bagillion of stores in my go. *sigh*.

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I went home and pouted. As I was pouting I saw my bunch of paint sticks (please tell me that everyone keeps those, or steals extra? admit do too!) and I realized that there was a nice little curve at the top, and they were wooden. That was enough for me. They would make a nice replacement to the peg dolls. They did. Frankly, after I strung them up on a garland I wondered why I ever wanted wooden pegs in the first place. Paint stick dolls are sooo much better.

paint stick dolls 2

Paint Stick Dolls. How sweet and easy!


  • paint
  • paint sticks
  • Q-tips

To Do:

  1. Paint the paint sticks, using Q-tips as necessary.
  2. Let dry.

To create these adorable dolls I used Americana multi-surface Satin paint from DecoArt and....(wait for it)...paint sticks ( weren't expecting that, were you!). I've clearly had too much coffee today, clearly.

There isn't anything special about my painting abilities, truly. I didn't do anything crazy fancy. In fact, I used Q-tips for a majority of the painting. You can do this!! It's paint sticks for Pete's crazy awesome does it have to be to be crazy awesome? seriously.

I think a string of these would be absolutely darling in a nursery or small child's room. Don't you? I wonder how Levi would feel if I added one to his new room? hmmm. probably not in favor. No matter...these are hanging on our new apartment living room wall. And staying there.

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