5 Mother’s Day gift ideas to easily make.

Try one of these 5 quick and easy crafts that are perfect for the moms in your life! Make great gifts for Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is a day set aside to remind our mothers that we appreciate and love them. It’s the day we spend time and energy going out of our way to be sure our Mom’s know their love and value in our lives. Each of us have our own way of showing that appreciation with lunches, gifts, phone calls, and little bits of things we make. These five crafts are simple and quick ideas that will let her know you thought of her, and wanted to make her day a special one. Even if you aren’t a crafty person these little projects are easily managed!

Matchbook Notebooks

These adorable little notebooks are a great Mother’s Day option because they are so easy to make, and they make perfect coupon books.  Make one of these for each of the kids, have them fill out each piece of paper with a coupon for mom, and you’ve got Mother’s Day finished!

Made with post-it’s (easy, right!), they are a quick project to finish and get sent off to Mom.

Head HERE for detailed instructions on making Matchbook Notebooks…

T-shirt Coasters

These are great because the kids can do them almost completely on their own.  Just braid and twist!  These are also a Mother’s Day gift that mom will want to keep, and won’t get thrown out a few weeks down the road after the holiday is over.  These are a perfect way to recycle those old shirts that don’t fit anymore!

Head HERE for detailed instructions on making T-shirt Coasters…

Herb Garden In A Box

If you are looking for a gift that’s a bit bigger, and more significant, this herb garden is perfect.  This project takes a little bit of time to put together (especially if you decorate the box), but is a gift your mother is definitely going to appreciate. Include her favorite herbs, along with a few instructions on how often to water them, and you’ve just given one of the best Mother’s Day gifts around!

This is a gift that takes a bit of time but is PERFECT for the non-crafty giver. It is a simple matter of assembling great items to put into your box. If you aren’t up for the challenge of decorating your own box, a cute purchased one (even a gift-bag) will be just as appreciated!

Head HERE for detailed instructions on making a Herb Garden in a Box…

Mini Cake Stand

This mini cake stand is a great Mother’s Day gift because it’s a great mix of practicality and beauty.  Your mom will love having it and using it, but is isn’t strictly necessary.  The perfect combination for a gift!  And making this cake stand is really simple!  Just grab a few dishes, some glue, and you’re set.

Many of your favorite stores sell dishes in matching sets that are perfect for a gift like this! Perhaps you can even grab some of the set Mom currently uses?

Head HERE for detailed instructions on making a mini Cake Stand…

Personalized Tea Bags

Sometimes giving your mother a simple gift filled with things she loves is really the best option for Mother’s Day. So if you have a mom who is a tea-drinker, consider giving her a gift basket that is simply filled with her favorite teas.  Simple, beautiful, and definitely personalized.  Your mom will know you thought about what she would most want.  If you want to make this gift even more special, consider making your own tea bags filled with custom tea mixes.

Maybe you aren’t up for making tea bags 100% from scratch? Adding cute tags to purchased bags is a fun, personal way to jazz up a gift of tea. We use cardstock, bakers twine, staples, and Sharpies to make ours. Keep it simple and easy!

 Head HERE for detailed instructions on making DIY tea bags

What Mother Day crafts are you creating this year? Or, better question…do you craft Mothers Day gifts or buy them?



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