Minneapolis Comic Con Must Dos

The Minneapolis Comic Con is coming in just a few weeks!

And Katie and I (The Bellie) are going to go.  We are pumped!  Neither of us has ever been, and we know we're going to be seeing some pretty great, and crazy, things during the day.  But we don't want the fun to be confined to the Comic Con venue.  Minneapolis is a great city, very friendly to the sci-fi minded, and we decided we should see what options there are to continue the experience around the city.

Don't know what Comic Con is?  For shame!  Basically, it's a convention where crazy, obsessed Science Fiction fans get together and swoon over their favorite shows, comics, books, etc.  In full costume, of course.  See, what's not to love!

We are pretty excited about our discoveries.  Here are our favorites:

The lake harriet elf tree is an adorable find!

We're starting with our absolute favorite: The Lake Harriet Elf.  Apparently, just off of one of the walking paths on Lake Harriet, is this tree.  It has this adorable little door that you can open and put notes inside.  Come back the next day, and the elf will have a reply to your note.  Is that not the coolest thing ever!!!  Yes, the Minneapolis Comic Con is going to be good...but this little find is right up there.  Our own little elf in the Twin Cities.  We like mini things here at NellieBellie.  Just take a look at our mini pavlovas, itty-bitty terrariums, cheesecake bites, and our mini bow and arrow.

The Bulldog Northeast sports a Ninja Burger, perfect for Comic Con!

We've never eaten at The Bulldog Northeast, so we don't know how good it is, but we know they serve a Ninja burger.  That's right.  A Ninja burger.  Any place that serves one must be cool.  So we are hoping we will be able to stop over during our visit to the Minneapolis Comic Con and snag one in honor of our Teen Wolf love (Nellie mocks, but that's okay).

Minne is Minnesota's version of the Loch Ness

Another really amazing find: Minne.  This is actually a sculpture by a Minnesota artist, and has a symbol for a name (like Prince used to), but everyone just calls her Minne.  The sculpture travels from lake to lake throughout Minnesota in the summers, and is our own personal version of the Loch Ness.  Her summer location this year has not yet been disclosed, but she should be out by the time the Minneapolis Comic Con arrives.  Score!The Weisman Art Museum has a futuristic feel, a great visit during Comic Con!


The Weisman Art Museum is another crazy good idea.  Just look at that building!  It's like it stepped right out from the future.

The MN Zoo is a great stop during the Minneapolis Comic Con

The Minnesota Zoo (that's a link to our post about them, not their site.  tricky, tricky!)  is another great stop.  Not only does it have adorable animals, but some of sci fi's best villains originate from the animals cared for here.  Penguins, lizards, apes...the list goes on.  Take selfies with your favorite, or most hated, villain animal counterparts to commemorate your time at the Minneapolis Comic Con.  If you look at our article about the zoo, you'll see we have no problems taking animal selfies.Donny Dirk's Zombie Den is a crazy themed barWe saved Donny Dirk's for last because it isn't kid friendly; at all.  Katie's only 16, so we won't be going.  But it consistently comes at the top of lists for worldwide themed restaurants.  It's that awesome.  You'll have to experience it to understand how wickedly thematic it is, and then tell us.  We're very curious.

 What crazy themed places do you have in your area?  What makes them special?

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