how to make a clutch from an eyeglass case

I’ve been going through my closet these last couple days as my post- asking for help choosing my jeans– may I have indicated. Do you know how many strange things I have found in my closet? Well, over the course of these next few weeks you’ll probably be clued in. Eyeglass cases aren’t truly that strange. Finding it amongst my underwear…strange. I have no idea how or why. I was about to toss the eyeglass case into the trash pile when a thought crashed, tumbled, and halted in my brain. I had seen a coin purse recently and gosh darn I can’t remember where. Someplace cool. Anyways, I remember thinking…”don’t pay for that, you can make it”. Most of the time, I never do make the things I tell myself I can make. Mostly, it’s a way to keep me from buying random pretty things. Like, coin purses.  But this time was different. I COULD make that pretty coin purse. I knew exactly how. And, how to take it one step further for  you guys and make a chic and classy DIY clutch. From an eyeglass case. Oh boy…

This DIY clutch is a simple craft that repurposes an old eyeglass case into a chic purse. Simple!

And for the record, if you scroll all the way down you’ll see the coin purse version I ended up with. It’s the same. Minus the handle.


Supplies you need for DIY clutch:

An eyeglass case.
Glue gun (or just Elmers glue will probably work)
decorations (totally up to you what you want, I used old jewelry)



Step 1.

Apply Mod Podge all over the eyeglass case.




Step 2.

Apply fabric all over the eyeglass case smoothing it out as you go. Where you are bending and making corners it helps to cut slits in the fabric to help it bend.


Step 3.

Cut the fabric for your “sides”. I held it up to the side and traced with a pen what I wanted. It resembles the shape of underwear. That’s how you know you’re close to the right shape.



Step 4.

Hot glue your “side” in. Don’t skimp on the hot glue.


Step 5.

Use the jewelry to add embellishments. A long necklace works well for a strap. Pretty ribbon, beading, or necklace looks fabulous hot glued to the edge. I found an old clasp and attached an earring to it for a charming closure. You could cut a design off of a tablecloth, use a doily for the front, line buttons in a row. Whatever goes…make it your own!

This DIY clutch is a simple craft that repurposes an old eyeglass case into a chic purse.  Simple!This DIY clutch is a simple craft that repurposes an old eyeglass case into a chic purse.  Simple!

And there you have it. Your very own clutch. And you didn’t spend a dime. Go you!


See, my underwear bin yielded a fabulous DIY clutch. Who knew?? I can’t wait to see what else that dungeon of a closet  brings forth. I’m hoping to find my long lost maid in there (it’s a joke…I’ve NEVER had a maid. But oh my do I want one!)

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