24 Herb garden ideas

Did  you all know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday? Hard to miss.

To my children…


Okay, moving on. I wanted to give you some great last-minute herb garden ideas for mom or grandma for mother’s day. Plants are kind of the thing for Mother’s Day,  aren't they. I wonder who started that? Was it a garden company? Must have been.

To my children…


Okay, to you that do want plants. Or want to gift plants. I have some great ideas for you. Not only do I have great ideas from here at NellieBellie but I am also sharing a clipboard of great herb garden ideas from the wonderful content at Hometalk. If you haven’t been over to Hometalk yet…do it!!  Tons of great ideas for decorating, DIY, home repairs, and gardening. Search for a keyword and you’ll be amazed at the quality projects that will come up! Seriously, go check it out!

As an example of their awesomeness I want to share with you 19 great Herb Garden Ideas from Hometalk (click on the link to be whisked away to Hometalk and get more info about each project)…


You really have to go check them out! There’s a little herb garden with miniature bunting, an herb garden in a suitcase (gasp!), one in a dresser, one in dishes, and even lettuce in a colander. The ideas are amazing!! Makes me feel a bit wimpy with my garden ideas that I’m going to share with you today. But, I’m pulling up my big girl britches and showing you anyways. A wimp I shall not be!


1. A garden rock caterpillar.
This little guy has been my #1 project…to date! go figure. Simple to make and oh so adorable! Make a mini version for inside Mom’s potted plant!


2. Herb Garden in a Box.
It doesn’t get much sweeter then this. Best part…you can customize this SO easily! Pop over to Hometalk’s channel and watch the video with me showing off this great project!

herb garden in a box

3. Rolling herb garden

For that lady that loves to tinker in her garden. This rolls around to allow for easy bringing in and out of doors.


4. Outdoor pinwheel.
These are easy to make and inexpensive. They would add a nice touch to a plant. Or, make a whole factory of them to really grab Mom’s attention!


5. Ruffled duct tape pots.
Yes, these are duct tape! Yes, they are ruffled. And yes, they are darn cute!! Make a pot or two for Mom!



There you have it…between Hometalk and NellieBellie you are sure to find something awesome to make for Mother’s Day!!

To my children:

Let me sleep in on Sunday!!

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