What you will learn from the 5 Day Challenge (I call it 5 day but you can take your own time!)

    Is this a meal plan?

    No! And yes. You will learn how to make a forever meal plan that you can adapt and change to use always and forever. Amen. Unlike normal meal plans that require weekly lists, calendars, and recipes THIS strategy requires a bit of up front work and lasts forever without all the weekly work.

    Will my family eat the meals on this plan?

    Absolutely. My meal planning system REQUIRES you to think about your family’s favorites and only their favorites, first. From there… you can branch out, if you want. YOU pick the meals to put on your Forever Meal Plan, not me.

    How long will it take to get this system going?

    Within a few minutes you can have your first few meals planned. To get the Forever Meal Plan finished will take a few hours. Although that time widely varies from person to person (hello perfectionist’s :)). Don’t worry, I have action plans and easy steps for you to follow. You won’t even realize you are done because it was so simple!

    Will I need anything special to get started?

    No. I will show you multiple ways to keep yourself organized. From post-its to a notebook, from magnets to a planner, you’ll find an easy way that works great that fits you and your budget. The LIVE introduction shows you the various ideas and what simple materials you might want. PROMISE…nothing crazy!

    How is this different from other menu planning?

    Most meal plans require weekly planning time, recipes, grocery lists, and…effort. Often we struggle to find menu plans that fit our lives, diets, and preferences. Menu planning, in the traditional sense, is a recipe for disaster for most busy families.

    This isn’t menu planning. This is taking what you know about what your family loves to eat and putting it into a repeatable plan. Autopilot.

    Umm, forever? I don't want to eat the same thing always.

    Same. “Forever” is literally how long this meal plan COULD last you. But let’s be real, you will want to change it up. Try new things. Maybe your diet changes or you learn to like a new veggie.

    This system is BUILT for adapting, changing, and switching out meals WITHOUT making a whole new plan. So you can simply get on with your meals without stressing.

    How much prep & make ahead meals are there?

    Totally up to you. YOU can decide if you want to take the time to prep or make ahead anything based on your schedule.

    You’ll be sure to make  notes on each meal that gives you a heads up if there might be a prep, make ahead, or shortcut option to utilize. And if it fits into your schedule, you can choose to utilize those options. Totally customized to you. As all meal plans should be, don’t you think

    Stop trying to make meal plans work.

    It's not you, it's them. Use a system that works with YOUR schedule, diet, and needs.
    Forever and always. Amen.

    the FREE 5-step challenge:

    With the cost of FREE, what do you have to lose?
    To gain…NEVER having to meal plan again.

    First class-quick video.

    Join me for the FIRST step...via video (don't worry, it isn't live!)!! I'll walk you through what the Forever Meal Plan is, the easy steps you'll take, some hot tips, and some ideas for setting it up for you,

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    The rest of the 4 steps (easy!) will be delivered via email. Clear steps to take, any printables or tools that will help, and all you need to take action. Take the steps at your own pace.


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    I’m Janel: like many of you, my parents didn’t cook, I didn’t grow up with any cooking foundations, but over the last 23 years I have learned to love cooking. Today, I am a full-time food blogger and marketing specialist making a living in the world of food.

    I’m confident that if I can learn to love cooking…anyone can… and I can’t wait to share the steps that worked for me! 

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