an easy Lego Mini-figure display

In keeping with moving and travel going on in the life of NellieBellie (that's me!) I am very excited to create a great way for my 10 year old son to commemorate our travels and adventures...LEGO!!!

Lego souvenir display from

 Levi is a Lego fanatic. He loves them.  He can sit for hours playing Legos.  For this reason, picking up a Lego mini-figure at most cities that we travel to is a great way for him to remember the trip. He can tell you about each of his mini-figures, the story behind them, and the memories they hold. So, I took a bit of time this past weekend to create a formal LEGO mini-figure display for him that still functions and allows him to use his Lego pieces. It's easy to do!




Did you know they now have girl Lego figurines?  That's right!  And they aren't all wearing pink and stuff...they're starting to realize that Legos are actually great for boys AND girls.  Score!  So don't think this project is only a good choice for a little boy.  And...even if Lego didn't have girl figurines, it'd still be a good choice for girl!




  • small frames any color will will be painting them (Home Depot has small ones perfect for this!)
  • Rustoleum paint (mine is Hammered in black)
  • hot glue/gun
  • Enough 8 hole Lego pieces to have 1 per mini-figure

To Do:

  1. Remove the glass. 
  2. Spray paint the frame and the cardboard backing. Let dry.
  3. Decide how you want the mini-figures to sit in the frame (4 in a frame, 6 in a a row, random)
  4. Hot glue the 8 hole Lego pieces
  5. Attach the Lego mini-figures to the Lego's. are done! Fabulous!

If you want to make this display, AND gift figurines at the same time, you can find some great figurine sets online.  Not as cool as picking them up as you travel, but still a great gift!

Lego mini-figure display from

                  If you liked this project, you might also enjoy Levi's nerf battle station or the mini bow and arrow.  Some other places have great Lego projects too, like Tip Junkie's 13 Projects.


8 thoughts on “an easy Lego Mini-figure display”

  1. My Mom used to slip little Lego figures in our pockets so we would never be alone. They arrived in the mail. When she came to visit the could be found in all sorts of strange places. She passed away and I am going to make each of us and grand-kids one of these. You never know what a simple craft idea can mean to an entire family. Thank you.

    1. That's such a beautiful story! And we're so glad that this little craft can have real meaning for you.

  2. What a clever idea! I would use the Walgreen's code for printing pictures to make albums.

    I did not know about - it is now bookmarked, though!

  3. Levi is a lucky boy ;) This project is so cute. I think Austin is a little old for this one... Darn! I pretty much love it. Legos are the best toys. I am so glad Austin grew up with them.

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