How to make Chalk Paint

Why chalk paint is great. tips for using it, and a video tutorial showing a quick and easy way to make it! DIY chalk paint #craft #diy #chalkpaint #tutorial #videotutorial

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If you aren't into making your own chalk paint I recommend grabbing this inexpensive version: [easyazon_link identifier="B017ABY6LA" locale="US"]AMERICANA Chalk Paint[/easyazon_link]

WARNING: When using Plaster of Paris it is a good idea to wear a mask or BE CAREFUL about the amount of dust that can stir up when opening and pouring the bag.

Chalk paint isn't the new kid on the block by any means. Not at all. But, I'm uber surprised at how many are still completely unaware at the miracle this stuff is. If you are one of attention. This is for you.

I hate painting. Especially furniture. And, until I discovered chalk paint I avoided it at all costs. I would look at a piece of furniture that was just right for what I needed but pass it up because it wasn't the right color. No way, no how was I painting it. But then, I discovered chalk paint and the world is my playground.

 Click here for the video tutorial with the diy chalk paint recipe.

What chalk paint can do:

  1. One coat coverage (of course, there are a few exceptions. But, for the most coat should do it)
  2. No prep (no sanding needed. Paint right over your surface. I've even painted over laminate!)
  3. Easy "aging" (a little damp cloth action and your furniture looks like those expensively "antiqued" pieces)
  4. It holds up. (granted, I often put a coat of wax on top of heavy-use pieces. But, this paint takes a beating!)
  5. The coverage is insane. (I keep little sample pots of paint for chalk paint. And often use only 1 for a chair, or end table. The coverage really is that good!)
  6. Easy. (it really is easy to make. really!)
  7. Dries fast (in about an hour, depending. fully dry. for real.)

Tips for chalk paint:

  1. It's recommended to use flat paint for chalk paint (although, I can say I have used satin and gloss with success)
  2. Use a good brush, not a foam brush.
  3. If you aren't getting one coat coverage, try adding more Plaster of Paris until you do.
  4. Don't judge the finish until it's dry. (it often looks a bit streaky until it dries. so, give it a chance before you add another coat)
  5. If your paint is getting too thick, add a bit of water to thin it out a bit.
  6. Layering on top of your paint (after its dry) a stained wax looks crazy awesome and gives your surface protection!
  7. A thick coat is good in this case! (don't smear it on an inch thick but you can surely go on the thick side!)

While you shouldn't have any problem getting your chalk, you can also buy chalk paint chalk additive online.


10 thoughts on “How to make Chalk Paint”

  1. I have made chalkpnt with this "recipe" a couple of times.... I do love how easy it is but, when I do it the paint is gritty(I don't know if that is the right word). There are very small bumps on the furniture I've done- not smooth! Have you had this problem? If so how can I fix it?!!

    1. I have sometimes had that problem and find that a little more water and mixing needs to happen. Also, those bumps should sand out with a light sanding and lend even more charm to the piece.

  2. I hate to paint also but am planning on doing my kitchen cabinets. Will chalk paint work and hold up on a project like that?

    1. Yes! Chalk paint is incredibly versatile! won't have a sealant unless you add that, so you might see some wear if you don't put on an extra coat. But we use chalk paint for all sort of furniture, tables, cabinets...etc. It's fantastic!

  3. Oh how this goes right after my (crafty) heart! I love chalk paint so (too?) much but have never made it myself! Thank you for al of the tips and inspiration -- your site is beautiful!

  4. Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Great tutorial! I've got chalk paint but haven't used it yet -- I'm waiting for the right piece -- although I could probably do all of my furniture -- it's that bad.

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