How to make a gift bag

how to make a gift bag. a video tutorial from NellieBellie. So easy and what a great idea!

how to make a gift bag tutorial!! I love this! So easy, inexpensive, and creative!

Simple steps to make a gift bag: Today’s video tutorial is a good one and I daresay I’m getting a bit better at these!! I’m starting in on Christmas preparation with these adorable gift bags! Handmade, inexpensive and easy…why pay alot for something that you can make better? These are not hard, nor do they take alot of time to make. I used copy paper for most of these, or some left over paper from other projects. I think making a gift bag out of the Sunday comics would just be so charming, don’t you!! So, try your hand at making a gift bag. See what you think! And, if you love the idea of making your own gift wrapping materials you’ll love my gift tag ideas, sugar cookie gift tags, and how to make a gift card holder from a cardboard tube (otherwise known as a TP roll)!

Click here for video tutorial.

Am I too early in thinking about Christmas? Is a How to make a gift bag tutorial just pushing my luck? Golly, I hope so. I’m always 2 steps behind the holidays. I am determined to be on top of Christmas this year. No funny surprises this year. No sirree!

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  1. gift bags
    January 1, 2014 / 4:35 am

    This is charming – so easy to do. it is very type and nice of you to discuss your thoughts. Thank you.

  2. October 24, 2013 / 6:25 am

    Thanks for such a great tutorial! I have several books of Thibaut wallpaper that would be perfect for gift bags. woo hoo! Can’t wait to try this.

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