Online Entrepreneur Must-Do #1: Focus

I know many of you busy mom’s are setting out into side hustles in the online world. Or, like me, your side hustle is now a major hustle bringing in well over a full-time income. So many of you have been asking questions about how NellieBellie has come to be as successful as it has become. Today I’m going to start giving you some of the lessons I’ve learned that you can and should apply to your own hustle.Β 

Do you want to know how to move your side hustle into a full-time money making machine? You need to learn this important word: focus!

I wish I had learned this important lesson early on in my NellieBellie days. The lesson of focus.

Instead, I didn’t understand the importance of focus. I just wanted to make this little business successful. And chased after the next thing that promised to do that. Which meant that I was often focusing on all of the things I wasn’t doing instead of focusing on what I did well. And doing that better and better and better.

I should have become a master at what I did well and ignored (for the most part) what I didn’t do well.

Meaning, I was never (and still am not) very good at Instagram or Twitter. But, instead of focusing on Facebook and Pinterest, places I WAS good at, I kept trying to build an audience on the other platforms. And sacrificed momentum and leverage where I could have been more effective. Total waste of time, money, and energy with nothing to show for it. In fact…it messed with my confidence.

Instead of focusing on photography, what I did well, I worried and worried about if I should get into video. And tried it. And then tried something else. Instead, I should just have put my head to the ground and kept taking great photos and hired others to create the video (something I learned last year…finally!).

What I’m getting at is this… do what you are good at. And do it well.

Be really, really good at only a couple of things instead of semi-okay at many things. That, my friends, is the secret to success.

How do you do this? What are practical tips you can take? Grab the printable worksheet or use a notebook and do your own…

  1. Get out of your own head for a few moments. Think like a vicious businessman that is coming to critique you. They are brutal and say it like it is. Now as that critical businessman, make a list of what within your business you are good at and what you aren’t. If you aren’t GOOD at it…it goes on the other list. I’m talking you KNOW that you are good. Not that you are okay. Or, if you work hard you can be pretty good. No, you are without question GOOD at.
  2. That GOOD at list probably got pretty dang small, didn’t it? That’s okay. Look at that list again and circle the pieces that are vital to the business making money. And prioritize those. Get really good at those pieces.
  3. Now that other list. Circle the items on that list that MUST be done for your business to run properly. Be really, really honest. Do you need to be on all social media platforms? Do you need to sell in that industry? Is that relationship really worth the effort?
  4. Those circled items need to be hired out, automated or systemized. This is terribly important. As soon as you can, hire someone to do tasks you aren’t good at. Automate wherever you possibly can (social media is a great place for this!). Systemize whatever can be (finances can largely be automated and systemized). Be harsh! Streamline these items as much as possible as fast as possible leaving you the ability to focus ONLY on what you are good at.
  5. NO distractions. Do NOT stop and look at all the shiny things along the way. Now that you have your systems in place and are focusing…stay there! If something comes into your path that you must decide on ask a few things… 1. Is it going to cost me money? 2. Is it withing my skills? 3. Is it going to cost me time? 4. Is it more important than what I am currently working on?…from these questions determine if it is worth your focus shift. If not, move on.

This, my friend, is simple. But it is oh so very hard! It takes time and effort to get our systems and automation in place. It also takes determination and focus to keep from letting the shiny new things deter us from the path we know will bring us success.


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