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Since we've begun working together, the two of us have been looking for a great place to get away from our office, but still get work done.  We believe it is really important to have somewhere that is "our" place.  You know, that local restaurant, park, or what-have-you where you feel like you belong and can just get work done.  It took us awhile, but when we stumbled upon this little coffee shop in downtown Stillwater, we knew we had found it.  Our place.

Tin Bins, Stillwater MN

 We almost decided that this one photo was enough and we could leave it at that.  But we decided you deserved to see the rest of the beauty.  And food pictures.  Always food pictures.

Tin Bins in Stillwater, MN

 This is where Kristy, the manager, will get your order.  Or Lars, her husband.  Or another awesome worker.  All of the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about the food and coffee they serve.  You can ask pretty much any worker and they will tell you about their homemade muffins, bagels, croissants, pie, and bread.  And about how the coffee is locally roasted and Fair Trade or better. (If you don't know what Fair Trade is, we cannot be friends.  Relationship over). And the lattes are to die for.  Seriously good.  The staff training must be weeks and weeks and weeks, because these lattes are the best.  And we are coffee snobs.

Tin Bins Stillwater, MN

Doesn't that look delicious?  They even put an espresso bean on top.  And they don't mess with different sizes if you're staying.  They have one cup, and that's what you get if you're staying.  Simple; we like that. 

Tin Bins Stillwater, MN

 Yes.  This is our happy place.

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