How to make an industrial hanging light

DIY light from shop light and wooden spool (or any kind of bracket). how cool is this!! from

It can be hard to come up with interesting and practical lighting for boy’s rooms. Often the lighting choices are a bit too feminine or terribly expensive. If you are struggling to find a good option, like I was, these quick and easy DIY lights might be a good fit for you. They use easy to find materials without a lot of skill and tools necessary.

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A hanging light from a light kit and a funnel. Fun fun!

light kit


  •  standard shop light.
  • “hanging device” I used a vintage wooden spool attached to the wall. Other ideas would be plant hangers, shelf brackets, even plastic animals with their butts cut off and heads attached to the wall.
  • cool touch light bulb.

To Do:

1. Start by removing the clamp from your shop light.
2. Choose your “hanging device”.
3. Attach your hanger to the wall at the height you want. Remember that your lamp is going to hang. And that it will need to be 4-6 inches from the wall.
4. Hang your light by wrapping the cord around your hanger. If needed, use small hooks, command tape, or cord guides to help guide your cord down the wall.
5. Add your light bulb. Important: use cool touch bulbs!

And there you have a DIY hanging light from a funnel.

These lights are very easy, inexpensive, and just plain charming!! They were an easy and great lighting option for Levi’s Bedroom. I hope they might give you an easy, budget-friendly idea for you, as well!



    January 25, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    I raised 3 boys. I love your ideas.

    Now, would you come help me redo my house? What Ideas do you have for empty nesters who have been here 9 years aND STILL DO NOT HAVE IT TOGETHER OR A BUDGET TO GET IT DONE WITH?

    • Nellie
      January 26, 2016 / 10:28 am

      Oh boy, I hear you! But there always seems to be more important things to do than houses, doesn’t it! I say make your home something YOU love and forget what the magazines and designers say. That’s all the advice I have on that topic :).

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