Homemade hand lotion with only 3 ingredients



It’s that time of year again. The time of dry, itchy skin. It’s just wonderful…ha! We go through gallons of hand lotion each year. All kinds. Every time we try a new kind we think it’s going to be “the one”. The lotion that cures the severe, dry skin. Nope. Disappointment each time. So, I tried a quick DIY hand lotion. It was easy, inexpensive, and so far…just as good as the others. This DIY hand lotion goes like this…

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    • baby lotion


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    • petroleum jelly


  • [easyazon_link identifier="B00DS842HS" locale="US"]
    • coconut oil



To Do:

  1. Mix together 1 small bottle of baby lotion, ½ container petroleum jelly, and ¼ cup of coconut oil.
  2. Put into clean containers.

Use a hand mixer to mix it until it looks like icing…


Plop into some containers…


And you are done!

If you make your own lotion and it works…leave me your recipe!!

6 thoughts on “Homemade hand lotion with only 3 ingredients”

  1. Love what you're doing! So many fun things & ideas! I've been making my lotion for awhile now (maybe it's a red head/fair skin thing-being SO dry) because no store bought lotion ever works! I even tried that bag balm (which smells delightful). Yuck. This is such an easy way to give any lotion you love the smell of super powers! Word to the wise, coconut oil turns to liquid when it's warm (70ish degrees) & ROCK solid when it's cold. I take this into consideration when blending mine. Summer is fine & the lotion will dispense no problem. Winter...I would add a bit of jojoba, grapeseed, almond or other oil to keep it runny enough that you're not banging it against the counter desperately trying to squeeze one dollop out for your poor, chaffed red hands!

  2. We love this DIY hand lotion! Thanks for sharing! We invite you to share you fun ideas at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday at sixsistersstuff.com. -The Six Sisters

  3. Jen @ Four Marrs & One Venus

    Pinning this..I love lotion and good moisturizing ones..this looks Great! Thanks for the recipe!!

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