10 DIY Face Mask Recipes

We are all guilty of waiting until the last minute to get someone a Christmas present. It is easy, you are so busy looking for presents for so many people that sometimes we just…forget. And that is okay! But, it’s moments like these when you need to find a last minute present idea. And yeah, you might have a candle sitting in your closet that you can throw in a bag. But why not give them a DIY Face mask that will make them think you slaved for hours, just for them?

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We are in love with DIY beauty recipes that smell great, work great, are inexpensive, and easy to make!

Here are some great face mask recipes for your last minute gifts. Package one up with our DIY Setting Spray (a reader fave!), candle, and magazine for a homemade beauty gift sure to please!

1. Detox Mask| Charcoal and Turmeric make a fabulous face mask!
2. Face Mask with All Natural IngredientsΒ | Just 3 ingredients already probably in your pantry!
3. Cleansing Face MaskΒ | Another great mask with pantry ingredients. Feels so good.
4. Cherry Chocolate Face MaskΒ | I mean, those ingredients are screaming to be used for a beauty mask. If you don’t eat it first :)
5. Only Two Ingredients Face MaskΒ | Any easier that that? I don’t think so.
6. Firming Clay Face Mask| Because some of us are looking for all the anti-aging help we can get. Naturally, of course.
7. Oatifix Face Mask| Oats are a classic beauty ingredient. So good!
8. Exfoliating Oatmeal Face Mask|Banana and oatmeal in a super simple mask.
9. Homemade Mud MaskΒ I personally use this one. Feels crazy when it’s working…and a bit fun :). Just mix THIS CLAY with apple cider vinegar.
10. Nourishing Honey Face MaskΒ | Honey really is a magical beauty ingredient.
11. DIY Sheet Masks | Did you know you can make a sheet mask? A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial showing you how!

Package one of these DIY Face Masks in a pretty jar (we think these are great choices), tie it with a ribbon, and gift it to a sweet friend. They will love the special care you took to make a practical, special gift for them!

Extra note: If you would like to purchase a face mask for gifting I love these 24k Gold Face Masks. They are just perfect for gifting. I gift them in a gift box of other gold items, for extra fun.

Tip: Rather than making up the mask in advance for them, you could gift the ingredients with the recipe. This works great for those recipes that you may not feel will stay fresh for too very long.



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