How to make a sofa arm tray.

I have another great space saving solution for you today! In our new apartment, space is limited. And while we have room for a coffee table if we squish it in, we decided not to squish. But on game day or movie night you really, really want a place for your beer and popcorn! An easy, space saving solution to our problem is this DIY sofa arm tray...

This DIY arm tray table is very simple, but is a great solution to bulky coffee tables that can get in the way. Also called Sofa Arm Tray, I believe?

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Now, before we being this tutorial of awesome let me point out a couple of things about this arm tray...

1. It is completely customizable...I love retro and chose to add a gold fleck treatment to mine. But, you could do whatever YOU like.

2. The materials are super easy to find! I got this wood, already cut, from Michaels. You could go to your building center and ask them to cut the wood for you. can grab the wood from Amazon. I've linked the materials in the material list to Amazon's stuff to point you in the right direction.

diy couch arm wrap materials


12 by 12 plywood

12 by 6 plywood

Gorilla Glue Super Glue

optional: rope, Martha Stewart podgeable paper, additional wood strip

diy couch arm wrap step1diy couch wrap step2diy couch arm wrap with sidesdiy couch wrap step3DIY couch arm table ropediy couch arm wrap tableTo Do:

(before you start, be sure that you measure the arm of your couch and choose wood pieces that are appropriate. You want the arm tray to only be an inch or two larger on each side. Nobody wants their drink flying off the arm tray mid-game!)

  1. Glue all sides together. Be sure to use plenty of glue and hold each piece down for 30 seconds to allow to set properly.
  2. Add a strip of wood on the inside corner, if desired. Glue both of the sides that touch the table. This piece gives the arm tray additional strength and support. But it is not necessary.
  3. Add rope to the bottom of the sides, if desired. If your table is a bit wobbly, or large for your arm, adding rope to the bottom of the sides will give the table grip and a bit more stability. Just glue the rope.
  4. Decorate the arm tray as you choose. Paint, stain, or...paper!

diy couch arm table2

I know...right!! What a great solution for small spaces! Now, you can diy your own couch arm table! Make it awesome...possum!

If you don't want to diy your own but would like to pick one up... here are some awesome couch arm tables that I liked when I was looking at purchasing one (and then realized it was totally DIY-able!)..

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2 thoughts on “How to make a sofa arm tray.”

  1. I love the idea but wouldn't it mark the arms of your sofa? Maybe if you used a quilted place mat under it that would help. Ju8ist a thought , they are really handy and useful. Thanks for the idea I will try it because I really need something for my morning coffe while I watch the morning news. Lily C Canada

    1. good question!! So far, I haven't noticed it marking the sofa. But, our sofa is fairly old anyways, so it wouldn't bother me. I think adding some material over your couch arm would help!

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