Super Buddies party

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How to have a "Super" party is an important thing to know. If you have children, grand children, or know children a super hero party is in your future. And, I'm going to walk you through the steps you need to know. Including Disney Super Buddies

Get ready for an epic tail...

Learn how to host a "super" party with Disney's Super Buddies! @blueprintsocial @disney

1. Have a "super" reason to party.

In our case, we were celebrating the upcoming release of the Disney movie "Super Buddies" from the creators of Disney Buddies. If you aren't familiar with the "Buddies" of Disney...learn! This movie is fantastic! Levi was smiling, and giggling. And all the while learning about the things that make a superhero...

Super hero rules:

o   Rule #1: You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero

o   Rule #2: A super hero must always conceal his identity to protect the ones they love

o   Rule #3: A super hero is friend to any being in need of rescue

o   Rule #4: A super hero does good for good, not for glory

2. Gather your "super" friends.

We gathered...ourselves. Yes, that's all. We think our family is pretty super. So, this was a family party.

super party5 super party6 super party7 this empty spot is for Lanet (my sister). sorry Lanet!

3. Create a "super" treat table.

Just about anything can be elevated to "super" status. It's all about presentation. And the proper colors. Think primary colors. And make your table bright and colorful!

We made berry kabobs, paw cupcakes, had fruit roll-ups, and Coca-cola for our menu. And of course, doggies biscuits for Lady. Then I gathered red plates and glasses and put the whole thing on the table looking adorable and "super".


super hero parties1 Berry Kabobs for a "super" party treat! @blueprintsocial #superbuddies @Disney "Super" paw cupcakes are easy to make and perfect for a Disney Super Buddies party! @blueprint social #SuperBuddies

4. Have "super" activities!

For our "super" party we had punching balloons, kazoo's, and silly putty. We had a contest to see who could create the tallest "super" straw, and what doggie could eat the most biscuits. And...watched "Super Buddies" of course!!

super party8 super party9



We recommend Disney's Super Buddies for your "Super" party. This is a great family movie with loads of laughs and smiles. We loved that it has a great message about being kind, protecting others, and being a good friend.

To quote Levi...

It was funny and Buddha is hilarious.

If you need a reason to have a party the release of Super Buddies DVD/Blu-ray Combo on August 27th (today!) is it!!! For more info about the movie check out Facebook and Pinterest.

Have a "super" day. (ha ha...see what I did there :))

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