Personalize some boxers with fabric paint!


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Personalized briefs: a fun gift idea.

personalizing briefs for Father's Day

Personalized briefs: a Father's Day gift idea

(this is the pair made to be as uncomfortable as possible while sitting. bahaha)

    When the kids were small it was up to me to honor Father’s Day. You know, take them out shopping or crafting and guide them toward proper Father’s Day gifts. As if my 2 year old really picked out a Barbeque for Daddy. As if.

Now that they are 15 and 10 we can forgo the pretending and guiding and cajoling. I can step back and let them have responsibility. I tell Nate…”if you don’t get anything for Father’s Day it’s because you are a terrible father and your kid’s don’t like you”. Ha, that’s not entirely true…kid’s forget important things like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, homework, feeding cats, manners…showers! But, hey…responsibility off me and on to small beings. Score!

This year not only did they not forget they were ahead of themselves by weeks. As in….they remembered this past week! Shocking! We didn’t have a day before run to the store to hurry and find something suitable. You are impressed, aren’t you. Ahem.

personalized briefs: a great Father's Day gift idea for children to do themselves!

Yes, personalized undies for Dad.

I apologize if you are a family that doesn’t talk about undies. Or acknowledge them in your family. Or walk about in them sometimes. Well, it’s not like we walk about in them. ewwww. But, we surely don’t run and hide if our kids see us in our undies. If you are a run and hide family please don’t be offended by this post. Just come back tomorrow for something more your style. K? And for the record, I banned personalizing on the front of the briefs, only the back. moving on..

Now do you understand why they didn’t forget? Why they were grinning as we went to buy supplies.? Why Levi bought the package with the MOST pairs in it even though it cost more? Why Katie made sure that we had Glow-in-the-Dark puffy paint?  Here I thought they were being all responsible and good kids and all.

They were excited about piling puffy paint on their Daddy’s undies and calling it a gift. children. (wonder where they get these ideas from?)

But, truth be told this is going to be a great gift. Nate will smile, read all the things they wrote on his undies, remark about each carefully crafted pair…even the one that says “I Love Volvo’s” (he dislikes Volvo’s passionately as the 10 year old boy well knows.) And, although there was a small smattering of mischief  in the reasoning behind this gift, it’s still special and wonderful.

And, in case you were wondering about our underwear model we named him George. He is actually a 2 parter. Because I thought Nate modeling his undies might be a bit too much, even for this blog. Sp, we promised George that if he modeled for us we would save him from tonight’s fire. He readily agreed.




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