copyright policy

Here at NellieBellie we take pride in our work, our images, our recipes, and our posts. We ADORE when others share them and love them. However, there are rules to how, where, and what you share...

  1. You may only share 1 image from a post on NellieBellie. NEVER may you alter or crop the image. NEVER may you share it without proper linking to NEVER may you share more than one image from a post.
  2. You may not exactly copy any working on any post on NellieBellie. When using an image from NellieBellie you need to use your own words to describe it. You MAY use the NellieBellie title to title the recipe or project.
  3. You may NOT EVER copy a recipe in any form or on any social media (this includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr) from NellieBellie. Instead, link to the recipe post.

We are so very thankful that you are even reading these rules because that means you care about protecting our work. And that ALSO means that most likely, you are absolutely the best reader we could ask for. Thank You for being a NellieBellie fan!!

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