How to make easy ornaments (with Sharpies)

I’m not really a Christmas decoration kind of person. I love them in the store…so pretty! But, I’m not keen on buying things with such a short look-at-value in my home. Same thing with making Christmas decorations. You won’t see me spending a great deal of time on them. Now, if I left Christmas decorations out all year…then I could commit to making a few. But, until they extend Christmas into Fourth of July (don’t laugh, you know it’s happening soon!), I’ll be sticking with quick, easy, and inexpensive Christmas decorations. Like these Sharpie ornaments.

Quick and Easy Sharpie Christmas Ornaments. 2 Sharpies and 4 plain ornaments are all you need to create these!

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These Sharpie ornaments require only a yellow and a black Sharpie (get the oil-based ones if you can!) and 4 white ornaments. The end. Then you channel your inner child and draw up their sweet little faces. No worries, I’ll walk you through how to draw them!

christmas ornament materials


  • 4 white globe ornaments
  • black Sharpie (oil-based is best!)
  • yellow Sharpie (oil-based is best!)

To Do:

Snowman Sharpie Ornaments:

  1. Draw 2 black dots for eyes.(black Sharpie)
  2. Draw a series of black dots for a mouth. (black Sharpie)
  3. Draw a carrot shape for nose. (yellow Sharpie)

if desired…dot a bit of red paint on the “cheeks”

Dalmatian Sharpie Ornaments:

  1. Draw eyes (black Sharpie).  draw 2 black ovals then create 2 small circles inside the bottom of those ovals, and a fill 2/3 of the top half of the oval leaving only a small white area inside the oval.
  2. Draw the nose and mouth (black Sharpie). draw a heart shape for the nose, fill in. The mouth is just a soft line.
  3. Add spots randomly about the ornament (black Sharpie). be sure to add one or two around the eyes.
  4. Draw a line around the bottom of the ornament (yellow Sharpie). this is the collar.
  5. Outline the line with black Sharpie.
  6. Draw a circle for the name tag (yellow Sharpie).
  7. Outline the circle with a black Sharpie.

Penguin Sharpie Ornaments:

  1. Draw a large heart on the ornament (black Sharpie). This is the outline of the face.
  2. Thicken the line outwards and to the top of the ornament for the heart.
  3. Draw 2 dots for the eyes (black Sharpie).
  4. Draw a triangle for the nose (yellow Sharpie).

Minion Sharpie Ornaments:

  1. Color the ornament yellow, EXCEPT 2 small circles (for the eyes).
  2. Draw a black line across where the eyes are (don’t color the eyes!), all the way around the ornament.
  3. Create 2 large circles around the eyes (black Sharpie). these are the goggles.
  4. Draw 2 small dots inside the circles (black Sharpie). these are the eyes.
  5. Draw a small u for the mouth (black Sharpie).
  6. add several small dots to the top of the ornament (black Sharpie). this is the “hair”.

If desired, outline the goggles in another color.

For the record: my kids said I didn’t make the eyes big enough for the Minion. I guess those goggles need to be massive!! Live and learn, and don’t ask kids!

Sharpie Christmas Ornaments. 2 Sharpies & 4 white ornaments are all you need to create these!

I am certain that you can create even more fabulous ornaments with only these 2 Sharpies. Use those babies up!! And let me know what you come up with. I have a couple Sharpies that need to be ran dry! Sharpie Ornaments are a great gift idea for teachers, neighbors, hey…most anybody! Pack them in a handmade gift bag and it would be a darling gift! For the video tutorial of how to make your own bag go HERE. Happy Christmas Ornament making!

Also, we’ve made another set of these awesome ornaments using metallic Sharpies.  We made an owl, a fox, a bear, and a mouse.  Go here for those tutorials.

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  1. November 18, 2014 / 3:36 pm

    Always looking for neat ornaments that might appeal to boys. Love these. Pinned.

  2. November 8, 2013 / 9:32 am

    I call dibs on the minion :))))))) So cool!

    • November 10, 2013 / 4:24 pm

      You’ll have to fight Levi for him. But, you can take him. He’s only 10, after all!

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