Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad with avocado dressing

This post has been sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company but the Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad with avocado dressing recipe, thoughts, and opinions are all my own. Because Coca-Cola®, as you know, is a fave summer drink of mine! Find our full disclosure here.

This week was the first week here in Minnesota that we had of nice weather. I mean sunny, not below 40 in the evening, above 60 in the day…weather. It was glorious! What does your family eat when the weather turns nice and all you want to do is be outdoors and not in the kitchen? My family turns to salads. Salads in all forms, in all sizes, and with all the ingredients. This Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad with bacon and strawberries is one of the favorites. Maybe because it requires pulling out the grill for the chicken ( a sure sign it’s summer!). Or maybe because of the Member’s Mark Real Crumbled Bacon. Or maybe the creamy avocado dressing. Soooo many reasons why this is a favorite!


Put the chicken on the grill for that extra summer flavor! It only takes a few moments and will make all the difference in the taste of this salad. Besides, you won’t have to dirty extra dishes if you use the grill. Honestly, that’s one of my favorite parts of grilling… fewer dirty dishes!

Baby spinach, sweet strawberries, ripe avocado, sliced nuts (usually almonds), onion, and Member’s Mark Real Crumbled Bacon; all ingredients found in the fridge almost any summer day. Put them together with grilled chicken and you have a delightful summer salad you’ll be making many times over the summer.

Serve the salad with vitaminwater zero® or an ice cold Coca-Cola® and boom!…happy summer campers! And happy Mama! Truly, a good summer salad and a Coca-Cola® is about the best meal, ever.

Friend, if you haven’t ever tried making a creamy avocado dressing… this is the day! This recipe is truly one of the easiest, tastiest, and healthiest dressings you could make. And you can whip it up in a couple minutes. This dressing is the perfect top for this Grilled Chicken Strawberry salad and most any salad you love. If it even makes it to the salad. Soooo good!

That, right there…is summer. On a plate, in a can, in a bottle, and in my belly! Can you taste it? It tastes like fresh, and bright, and warm, and friendship, and fires, and ahhh-maaazzz-iiinnngggg!

Make up this Grilled Chicken Strawberry salad with avocado dressing when you are looking for a fresh, light dinner that looks pretty and tastes amazing!


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